Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Post 37 - Political

One of my friends "theorized" that immigration has been manipulated to manipulate the voting (despite me having already said that they are pre-determined/rigged anyway) as well as increasing racism in a fake blame game.
In England, labour is a popular party. I do not know much about politics to say much more but my friend said that if you put a map of ethnic mix percentage / ethnographic maps of racial origin on top of a electorial constituencies map, you can see where settled migrants are voting and have lived. He said it is called "gerrymandering", suspecting on the left winged parties such as labour.

I am personally for (not against) staying in the EU:

A flaw in the junior doctors news, but on Live TV:
Response in Parliament:

We have to pay (taxes) to work. Paying to work?! Taking away earnt wages, then you want to eat, do some fun things, and you pay taxes again on the products. You want to escape to another country, but you still pay taxes, theirs and your own. It's controlling. They make the money, and then feed it right back in when you work and spend.

One of the ways that we could fight our way to freedom is that if everyone was awake and everyone middle/lower class chose to strike from working. The System is reliant on us working (for it), feeding it, taking one cog out of a sequence of cogs rotating together, would make the others stop spinning. 

But the flaw is that this would take many people, or at least all the authorities/police/army that support things to quit and step down and make the changes, but they are the ones that feed off the system as we feed them, right now there would be too few unawakened and to defy threats would require bravery from everyone to stand up for themselves and their voice which has been lost and taken away. If there are protests, be brave. If you wish to spread the truth, do it! Every week there have been shifts/changes. The change WILL happen this year, believe it.
Intrinsic ET Dis-i-close-ing:

Be a freedom Fighter

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