Monday, 4 April 2016

Post 14 - Addressing Spirituality

In Post 11 I put a link to a Crystal Movie from Spirit Science. This is a homemade animated series and although some of the facts are incorrect, it has more truth than most other media and brings up some interesting topics such as chakras and re-writing history in the History Movie. It was what I stumbled across last September, that started my interest in spiritual subjects which led to me finding the truths about other things and becoming more of a conspiracy theorist. It was the catalyst that begun my personal adventure into freedom and finding myself, waking myself up that I have been brainwashed to believe in a false disconnected mad world
Since I watched his videos and tried out some of the (controversial) things I have felt so happy and high. I've watched his Spirit Quest blogging series and it makes me want to travel, the information shared is literally sacred.

He says do not believe or disbelieve anything you hear and this is important to take into account. If you think something is cool, please go to the s.s. chat rooms and find more information because my first attempt at doing something (there was no instructions in his video, just information that made things look awesome) did not entirely fail but didn't turn out the way it expected and I barely had an idea what happened, but in any case, my mind was blown D: Because it's hard to believe at first I didn't take it seriously but now I do, he proves himself if you keep watching. I was first skeptical and against spiritual people and vegans but when I actually researched into it, I realised that it resonates and I really enjoyed it and it changed me and my life for the better <3 so please do check out Spirit Science ;)
Whilst you may be thinking with an open mind;

Why to take UFOs seriously, in 10 minutes

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