Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Post 15 - The Truth Is To Come

Anonymous - A Message to the Awakened Ones

There has been a lot of fashion in the newspapers this year, and you may have noticed that futuristic/ shiny/ shapes/ metal/ animals are in. I went shopping and took a few pics with permish (nearly all New Look). The shoes at the bottom even have Flower of Life pattern/print. There is a reason for the change in style of clothing and seeing many (geometrical) shapes patterned around stores everywhere. These photos were taken in England but I'm sure if you go to any major retailer you will find some items with shape/patterns or reference to superheroes and maybe unicorns CX The reason is something called cosmic disclosure. It is not to be fearred but something to be excited about. Basically the bad guys at the top mentioned in previous Posts are starting to go down, meaning the nice people are trying to step in.
There are many things that we have been taught incorrectly in school and these changes make us aware of new things subtley (pre-disclosure signs) but also scare the bad guys a little ;D If you like heroes/sci-fi/patterns/shapes, be sure to embrace or try this new fashion ^_^ This change, the 'disclosure' is going to be a shock to a lot of people so the disclosure signs are kind of important because some people are noticing them and their meaning one by one, because there is soo many lies that need to be replaced with truth so that we can develop and save our planet rather than become phone-zombies in a smog-filled environment. If you wish to be a better person, then the future events to come are something to be excited about! It'll be hard to believe that we'll finally have some truthful politicians and stuff to re-learn but there will be help available, just be prepared~

It does not just stop with clothing/shop items, there are also song lyrics and other medias which are trying to hint at something, for example for superheroes, Batman V Superman just came out (at least where I am currently living) and Kung Fu Panda 3. (I went to see zoopolis/zootopia a few days ago and it was epic! The message at the start where her parents say explicitly "give up on your dreams" made me smile, not frown) So I would advise going to the popcorn counter and going to see a few movies and listening for key lines of life lessons or really embracing the concepts and pretending that they are real to see how you are moved by the latest films mentally(spiritually)
I am waiting for Apocalypse: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PfBVIHgQbYk
This word, apocalypse, can also have the meaning "a disclosure of knowledge" - it is not just of the end of the world. Feel free to search the word and it'll come straight up on google. I love X-Men, my heart pounds and I just really feel free and beautiful when I watch fantasy. There has been too many false warnings of the apocalypse, people casting fear that the world is going to end, but it is not! No, have hope, keep hope that something better will happen instead <3 and that ironically the bad guys are the ones to be afraid of their world ending, and not ours ;)

I have also been taking almost daily cutting outs of the newspapers. I noticed that car adverts all had meanings inside of their large picture advertisements. In UK newspapers there have been almost daily articles about space/sci-fi/airplanes/nice-pictures-of-scenery/animals/the environment/politics/war. This has been increasing till I've almost just sometimes ripped out the whole newspaper or whole pages after page of subliminals/pre-disclosure signs! My favourite newspaper for this was The Independant but it recently went to iPads only so I can no longer scrap-book it. This is also a positive sign because it means that they are changing and also saving a lot of trees. Imagine a world without newspapers, or even books, not carrying around a rucksack of mashed up sliced tree to school...

I prefer to listen to the nightcore versions of songs rather than the 'normal' pitched versions (nightcore is just sped up music and it sounds higher pitched because both the tempo and pitch is affected) but as I was adjusting the sound settings on my windows vista laptop, I saw that in the sounds settings you can also change the pitch of sounds permanently by: Sound > (highlight speakers then) Properties > Enhancement > Pitch Shift. So now I could make playlists of music that both myself and other people can enjoy differently and without having to mess with two versions.
Keep looking up

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