Thursday, 28 April 2016

Post 38 - Food dangers

Solar powered cool looking plane:

The real news (looping back to post 1 D:)
I did not make this link but it is really my jam:

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Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Post 37 - Political

One of my friends "theorized" that immigration has been manipulated to manipulate the voting (despite me having already said that they are pre-determined/rigged anyway) as well as increasing racism in a fake blame game.
In England, labour is a popular party. I do not know much about politics to say much more but my friend said that if you put a map of ethnic mix percentage / ethnographic maps of racial origin on top of a electorial constituencies map, you can see where settled migrants are voting and have lived. He said it is called "gerrymandering", suspecting on the left winged parties such as labour.

I am personally for (not against) staying in the EU:

A flaw in the junior doctors news, but on Live TV:
Response in Parliament:

We have to pay (taxes) to work. Paying to work?! Taking away earnt wages, then you want to eat, do some fun things, and you pay taxes again on the products. You want to escape to another country, but you still pay taxes, theirs and your own. It's controlling. They make the money, and then feed it right back in when you work and spend.

One of the ways that we could fight our way to freedom is that if everyone was awake and everyone middle/lower class chose to strike from working. The System is reliant on us working (for it), feeding it, taking one cog out of a sequence of cogs rotating together, would make the others stop spinning. 

But the flaw is that this would take many people, or at least all the authorities/police/army that support things to quit and step down and make the changes, but they are the ones that feed off the system as we feed them, right now there would be too few unawakened and to defy threats would require bravery from everyone to stand up for themselves and their voice which has been lost and taken away. If there are protests, be brave. If you wish to spread the truth, do it! Every week there have been shifts/changes. The change WILL happen this year, believe it.
Intrinsic ET Dis-i-close-ing:

Be a freedom Fighter

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Post 36 - Animorphs

The vital importance of saying 'no' without guilt

Why I'm vegan:

Very good alien evidence video:

There is a book series on Aliens and it exploded in the 90s so you may have even seen the covers, but it is sadly not published anymore, however books are available on eBay even as full collections or in large chunks, and the first nine have new editions that are available new, but they also stopped publishing them because they didn't meet demands / they didn't sell many / didn't kick off as well as last time. You can find them as PDFs eg

There is even a TV series but you can find it if you're lucky in 240p because it's old/from the 90s too. 

It is called Animorphs, and it has some real stuff in it such as council of 13 which I was really shocked about. I googled council of 13 and I was thinking of the illuminati but then it came up with Animorphs and I even forgot that it was mentioned like that. I couldn't believe it.
Basically some of the concepts are real and if you read it suspenseful and slowly as if it is real, it is a very cool read. I am still infact buying the last few books that I do not own to fill my little space on the floor where I keep them, I put small animal toys on top of the books too, to make the pile look more colourful ^_^ I really recommend them, if it's the only book series you'll ever read in your life, don't be put off by the simple first page, they're addicting and it's deep for a kids book, it goes into war/death/mind invasion etc
If you've read them, this site is funny/pawesome:

Read all about it

Monday, 25 April 2016

Post 35 - Believe

On Racism:
I searched for other bloggers to see what others have been saying on this website about conspiracy theorying and most of the sites only had their first post and then there was nothing, so here's some free research of what I thought were the most useful websites:

Another link for why you should change your music (mentioned in: post 3, post 8)

Spiritual videos:
"You have taken order to a level where the establishment is so objective that now love is obsolete and is no longer necessary"

"The stargates, portals, and jump-rooms everywhere are said to be littered with their bodies"

Stay Strong

From Minah and Charlye

Sunday, 24 April 2016

Post 34 - Open Your Mind

"But of course most Americans are never going to care about any of this until it starts affecting them personally."

Police spraying victims:

You can't make this stuff up. Not only is this in the news (barely) and the link to the gov site w the announcement, but Seattle residence are confirming in the comments and are staying indoors. What the hell is going on??

Vegan (diet) sundae bar:

"the brains of cats have an amazing surface folding and a structure that is about 90 percent similar to ours"

Northern Lights as seen from above (NASA):

World's largest solar panel plant:

Universe soup:

Breathing-like planet:

From your kittypet friend


Saturday, 23 April 2016

Post 33 - What is Spiritual?

In response to Post 26, the signatures from the link resulted in a full page in the UK newspapers the Guardian and the Telegraph!

Never too old to start a hobby/dream:

(Geography notes 3:) Food - Kill it Cook it Eat it - Controversial shows which include the showing of animal slaughter to demon-strate what is required to get from animal factories to plates. If you found Earthlings interesting, this is another sad/horrifying show:

What is increasing consciousness? I define it as more mental/spiritual awareness which leads to more physical/mental understanding of the universe and yourself.

Everything comes from within / as above so below - What does this mean? I'm still figuring it out myself, pretty good/big/deep quotes.

Have you ever wondered what can be found that is smaller than atoms? Sacred geometry can be. My understanding is flawed though.

When you Web Search Spirituality/Spiritual stuff it may come up with:
- Alternate healing
- Astral Projection / Lucid dreaming
- Witches/Spirits/Psychics / white/black magick
- Channelling messages / telepathy
- ETs/Aliens
- Crystals (metaphysical properties of)
- Religion/s
- Other dimentions
- Meditation

If there was only one thing on this list I'd put it as energy, as everything is made of energy in one form or another. Chakras (Spirit Science 4) shows the basic understanding of this energy system present in beings such as humans.

You can also do mudras with your hands:

And affirmations such as:
I am enough, I am worthy of love and abundance, I will break free of society's conditioning on me, and I can find and bring my higher self into me so I can be my true self.

Don't doubt, believe, trust, have faith
Miracles happen, there IS a way around my problem/s and I WILL find it
I will open my heart to the possibilities and beauty, and have genuine hope
I will keep hope, because in the end, my journey is about me and not what others want of me
I'll live my dreams, having fun, being me feels good, I can light the way for others too
Happiness and health flow through my body, I will have feelings of joy/bliss/peace in my life
I am productive, constructive, active, persistent, and courageous, controlling my thoughts and actions
I am humble, because I understand the analogy that a popstar requires many people behind him/her eg backup dancers, fans, camera/lighting crew, music producers/contract, singing teachers, and the stage.
My journey will take me far so that I can stare back at my life and be breathless with fascinating stories of my tale and standing on top of the mountain of my climb, metaphorically, look and think "wow, everything is amazing and perfect because I was already appreciating, giving, and expressing gratitude along the way/path"
...What do I really want..?

Whilst searching for 'new age' information, whilst keeping an open mind, do beware of false information, or of spiritual burnout (mentally hurt by information found, running too fast) so stay on the light side and go through things at your own pace. I went to a local spiritual church and it freaked me out, it was pretty scary, it looked like a Church on the inside and they sung Churchy/religious songs but instead of Bible reading they were talking to spirits and stuff S: I do not recommend Churches/worshiping/religions because they divide and like I posted on a picture, Aliens would not Bible quote (much? XD!) It was just too much for little me, who prefers learning about the effects of meditation and futuristic technology.

There is not just the physical body but etheric/mental etc, and when you have a problem, such as a cold, more than one could be affected, because you let the negative energy into your energy field / aura. If you use reiki to remove the negative energy/ies and replace it with positive energy/ies, and shield your aura, you can prevent illness/faults. If you can heal yourself you may be able to heal others too! :D

You can't love what you don't have, so first, love yourself <3
Love from Charlye

Friday, 22 April 2016

Post 32 - Geography Lesson 2

Evidence for a link that was mentioned in Post 26:
Yet recently: ->

What are LDCs? These are the poorest countries (third world)
Countries are currently ranked as third/second (LEDC) and first world (MEDC)

Dharavi slum
Makeshift, unstable, illegal, 'houses' flock the streets. The workers are paid too low (almost nothing) yet the businesses their earn over £350 million. A swamp there was filled with rotten fish and coconut leaves for the houses to be built on top of, so the flooring is unstable and the land would be hard to repair/recover.
The 'houses' are made of scraps of wood and sheets of metal from rubbish. Factories are stacked on top of one another, where very dangerous conditions and machines are put for the tired and hard working Indians (practically slaves).
1 toilet is for around every 2000 people (very unhygienic) Rats raid the slums (also bug/germ infested) Small children suffer from little food. The poor go from Mumbai to find work, but end up living in the big slums.

There are no health and safety regulations. If you get hurt there is no compensation. Some even cut off their own limbs (or even their childrens) because they see that they have no future and they are more likely to earn a few more pennies if they look vulnerable.
Toxic dust has been blown towards the people and animals increasing cancer rates and illnesses (and you can imagine that they can't afford pharmaceutical products from Big Pharma or hospital costs which are affordable only for the richer.)
The slums shown in Slumdog Millionaire are real. The smell can be smelt from a long way off, tourists can smell it straight from the nearby airport, and there are slum tours available in India.

Human/physical issues - Fishing industries have little fish after their deaths when the Aral lake shrunk. When the fish die their bodies are left floating around.

This means they loose their jobs as selling no fish leads to insufficient funds to feed their families. With no fish there are less fishermen jobs, and the people are left unemployed, as well as the lakes being permanently damaged/destroyed/life taken away from the lakes. 

And the above is why you should raise your voice, spread the message that we need a new government that will actually fix things in our and other countries, not just pretending to keep human rights up, join the protests, because they are scaring the authorities, that we are waking up. There is the evidence to be able to prove to the unawakened ones.
If they turn their face away, they are being ignorant. The news is now exposing it, there are BBC shows, and death or slavery statistics. It is plain wrong. We have to stand up for the people who do not have voices. We are a global community. The people in power do not use their responsibility wisely, but use it even for malicious purposes. They are not doing just nothing, they are letting The System continue and thrive. Everyone has to say no!

Coup d'etat: (overthrow, is the sudden and forced seizure of a state, usually instigated by a small group of the existing government establishment to depose the established regime and replace it with a new ruling body.)

Linga Ling:

Stay Safe
BlueCharlye (icem)

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Post 31 - A Geography Lesson

Predisclosure sign: I can't watch the ads without there being humanoid animal beings, there are a lot of advertisements with animal features, even if it's a human with tail (birds eye) B&Q (beevers, moto: let's create) or as obvious as Zootopia/Zoopolis, or animals (cadbury, cat/dog, moto: free the joy)

Just for fun before you read this sad post (robot drive-through):

Mitsubishi Motors has admitted falsifying fuel economy data for more than 600,000 vehicles sold in Japan.

When I was taking apart my citizenship book (post 17) I also ripped my geography books up and threw them away but I went through the pages to see if I wanted to keep anything, and I saw that I learnt about some sad global issues such as clothing being made in sweatshops, in Indian slums, where there are working conditions that would not fulfill basic rights in cleanliness/hygiene, working hours like zero hour contracts and paid pennies.

There are also mines in Africa where people work long hours to dig out gold for a few pence per day, destroying the landscapes as well when they are digging quarrylike holes (put in BBC 3 documentary series such as Blood Sweat and Luxuries)

Where are our clothes made? I think it's a known fact that Primark make their clothing in Chinese factories as this was even placed on their official website. What is not included is the long work hours and poor working conditions that have been implemented.

What are TNCs? Multinational corporations (MNCs) - Companies that operate in more than one country. They often have factories in countries that are not as economically developed because labour is cheaper. Offices and headquarters tend to be located in the more developed world.

The cotton from our clothes comes from mainly poor, warm, countries such as where schools have been closed so school-age children can be forced to work in terrible conditions with torn slippers/sandals and ripped old scruffy clothing (exploitation of child labour)

All around the world, there are these plantations, mainly near the equator,it gives a job to poorer people or people who are enslaved by their governments so they 'stay standing' and get survival money. Poor working conditions have been documented in history, and it continues to today
90% of cotton is picked by hand in Uzbekistan. They are tired, hungry, and under state orders. Even teachers are fired or arrested if they refuse to pick. People are taken away from factory work, and there is no compensation (or lawyer/suing/etc!) The children don't have protection from child laws so they can be exploited easily.

How much do £7.99 jeans actually cost to make ?

The cotton, once picked, is then taken to factories where it is cleaned, ready to be purified, then spun. The cotton mills have piles of cotton, tonne after tonne from trucks, but giant bags have to be also carried on their heads and backs, causing back/neck injuries/strain.

The people are extremely warm from the sun beating down and inside the mills. There is no air conditioning meaning the workers boil. It can also be very dark in the sheds, with machinery making this even more dangerous.

Some have to collect enough on a quota or they cannot eat, they can be deprived of water. The tired, cold, and hungry can get fired or even arrested. Some try to cross the boarders but this is hard and dangerous.

Around 1% of children in the world have (been 'bought') as slaves, it sounds unreal but this statistic was on BBC show Stacey Dooley Investigates:
(this show upset me, it is pretty hardcore, but shows truth)

Work hard and appreciate

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Post 30 - Aliens

More message dances:

Catch Me If You Can

I Really Like You

I read:
We are made in God's image, God being Alien, being made in Alien image.
I think it is entirely possible that what people have experienced as, aliens are in fact angels
I'm pretty sure God would qualify as being an alien. He/It is not of this world; so the term extra-terrestrial definitely applies.
A god represents a life beyond the current reality. Aliens represent the fact that we aren't special.
...and even harder to convince people that our creator-being was an alien.
God is mysterious, he qualifies as a more emotionally satisfactory explanation for this sense of transcendence we feel than anything else (e.g. brain chemistry). Aliens don't offer any such explanation.
It's interesting though, because the picture we have of aliens bears a resemblance to pagan gods. Aliens and pagan gods provide explanations for phenomena we don't understand, but not necessarily a sense of meaning or purpose in the way that God can.

"Nearly two thirds (65 percent) think President Obama would be a better leader than Mitt Romney if an alien invasion were to happen."

A good guide for star watching, I heard there is also an app that if you face up, it tells you what you should be able to see based on your location.

Moonwalking like a pro

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Post 29 - Space

Correct Solar System model:

"HAARP has now been shut down"

"The larger section of three rows, represents the formulas for the sugars and bases in the nucleotides of DNA." Decoding crop circles:

"Can we detect any signs of life in any way in the very near future?"
"In November 2013, astronomers reported, based on Kepler space mission data, that there could be as many as 40 billion Earth-sized planets orbiting in the habitable zones of sun-like stars and red dwarf stars within the Milky Way Galaxy. 11 billion of these estimated planets may be orbiting sun-like stars. Since there are about 100 billion stars in the galaxy"...

"The Fermi Paradox — Where Are All The Aliens?"

K-Tigers Performance,Opening show

"The mood of people will change from despair to hope "

Aspire well
Some of the astronauts from NASA knew,  Mitchell spoke out, while others remained quiet. Airline pilots have made reports, and police and Military officers have spoken in public about what they have seen.

It would be hugely beneficial to mankind if governments and NASA confirmed the facts about the Moon-bases, and artifacts on Mars

Monday, 18 April 2016

Post 28 - FaceBuk Spam

Spider/bug catcher

Hamburg's Miniatur Wunderland - world's largest model airport:

Muslim and a Jew walking around Poland together

People feeling energy

The Modular body

Not mentioned in the news:

Earth + Venus + Sun = Geometry

How to break free of the Matrix:

I do not like scrolling mindlessly down the wall, I was upset when I asked my mum if she could spend just 1 day off not scrolling down, like, like, 'me encanta', etc, after getting mad at me for suggesting a 30 day challenge to see how she'd feel, but if you unlike old pages that no longer serve you, and 'like' pages that increase your conciousness, then it can help to give you some positive messages

Be happy!

Sunday, 17 April 2016

Post 27 - Opposites do not attract

New video on my YT channel :D Message/signal dance:

Sometimes stupidity shows intelligence. We are also told opposites attract, in duality, the opposite of the desired result can create the desired result, but it should not be like that, it is backwards/incorrect.
Love should beget love, why lie to try to manifest your desires - you shouldn't have to 'fake it to make it' either.

The symbolism could be turned around, the covering of an eye / the eye of Horus can be seen as Illuminati, but also as celebrities trying to hint at the pineal gland. I know it shows that people are asleep when images of eye covering / 666 hand symbol appear in music videos / magazine covers and we don't wake it up but why would celebs do it publicly if it is meant to be a secret organisation? I do not have the answer. I have also come accross other symbols, such as a (black) cube (3D shape) representing the Saturn Matrix of a false reality, and the cross deriving from the ankh. Black cubes however are found in Avengers/Transformers/Star Trek. 


The energy or symbollism/thinking behind a concept can change it's meaning. Black can be dark and absorbing (black holes/destruction), but it can also be used for protection or represent rebirth. Numbers can also be used as signs, 33 can be a sign of angels and 7 can have symbollism found to be positive in the bible or spiritually.

 Angelina Jolie Maleficent Illuminati

Movie poster breakdown: (their war our world - Transformers:) The all seeing eye is over the world, the robots are shape shifters like reptilians. (Maleficent:) beast horns / horns of moloch, the 'monstrous feminine' with red lips, female energy is dangerous, women are presented as evil/two-faced(dark side/alterego)/terrifying/manipulative in the male dominated ways.

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Selena Gomez 4

They also love the illusion that we are under, except they hate to spread the emotion of love, it is more a hate/crave expressed, of their desires. Bird in a cage is seen in Lady Gaga Applause and Miley Cyrus Can't be Tamed and this shows the caging mind control that we [cannot] break free from.

Black and white represents duality, there are also shadows on this video as the men walk up and down the steps.
If you google "kpop illuminati" it'll come up with a lot. However I think some bands like "exo" are the good guys because in "mama" full lengh music video

 it shows the tree of life and although it can be used by the bad guys and it shows the story of duality, spiritually, like I said, it depends if you see it from a 'good' or 'bad' side/energy. But this is just my own theory.

Walk on the light side