Monday, 26 June 2017

Post 53 - [1] To Be Able To: Answer Questions

It's well worth reading, right to the end, it could save or change your life  - This is my own content / writing which I first wrote in my diary/pad that I have reserved for writing of how I can improve myself or my life or to figure out the world, on to paper.
I took a photo but my handwriting was just too bad, maybe a scanner would have been better, but I decided to type it up, and I think I may do this with the rest of my work too.
I hope that I can upload it to different websites as well because I hope that the content can be seen and to uplift your living! - Please, I hope you enjoy:

As for the below:
​{ If you know the chakra system, the questions go up the colours, red to violet, it is colour coded. }
You may not understand the last little bit, I am trying to tell you that this is a linear showing of the tenses that are learnt. It may be this way, during language learning, if you have learnt a foreign language, you may see these as the order of difficulty, or the order of progression in which you learn(t) the tenses. I also see this with your bodies, where the continuous tense moves you into the next body which is above your head or 5th dimensional / in the perception of time which is controlled through or conceivable the higher dimensional (way of thinking)
Remember the structure (and order of the questions) for application W-M-H-W-W-W-W (write it down?)
Just to add, I also highly recommend researching, and getting, crystals and orgone devices! Because they may bring you good energies to have around, here is some of my own collection:


  1. This written text is also available on Slideshare as "can you tell me how to be able to"

  2. Please anticipate my future posts~ To be continued