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Post 50 - Toxic Energy

"How did the statistics of autism go from 1 in 10,000 boys to 1 in 68, just since the late 1990s, and could it have anything to do with injecting the most toxic non-radioactive chemical on planet earth – an acute neurotoxin called mercury – into the muscle tissue of children over, and over, and over, and up to 30 times before they reach the age of three?"

"Yet, when one listens to an audio loop of what Junker’s actually said, he very clearly includes the phrase “dirigeants d’autres planets,” which translates as “leaders of other planets,” as pointed out by native French speakers"

Racism destroyed in a minute:

"All basic human fears that are an inherent part of the archetypal structure of the soul when she incarnates on the earth are closely linked to money. Greed, self-esteem, fear of any kind of scarcity, addiction to immediate gratification, all kinds of manipulation etc. are closely associated with money and how they control human lives. The Orion / Reptilian archons knew very well why they introduced money on this planet. It was their most effective means of enslaving humanity in the End Times."

As he explains it, he exchanges energy with the animals, and then they go to sleep.

Colour charts! I love to learn about colour (is important for chakras/healling/is basic knowledge)

Rio Olympic Opening Ceremony Illuminati signs exposed:

The middle of the night I woke up just basically cause my nose was itching and I went to scratch my nose and there was glass over my face and it startled me for a second and I couldn't understand what was happening so I reached up and I was kind of panicking, when someone reached out and took my arms, folded them across my chest and held them down across my chest and said: 'Relax you're perfectly fine, just stay calm' and I said, 'What's happening?'

<Love and Light! ICEM>
<=P end of transmission.>

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Post 49 - Let's speak ET!

I want to learn light language ideally, (if you can teach me please contact me! any ET language) but as I have been searching the net, I found other words that I'd like to list here. Here is a collection of my findings. Please note this is regurgitation / copying, so there may be false language or mistakes, please excuse!
If you are a starseed, I hope this recollects memories, or if you are wanting to impress a friend, I hope this is sufficient!

Na'vi on Naboo //
From this video:
Kel tay, naa ge rr loo pam, sa ra(?) = Hello, how are you(?)
(my romanisation may be (very) inaccurate)
also in the Avatar movie there is a language like with Star Trek/Star Wars which can be learnt:

Blessings in Arcturian language //

I do not know what language this comes from but for me, it seems a little familiar

(there is a common intergalactic language with the name of Kosan)

Amual abaktu baraka bashad 
= may the universal love and blessings be

Agartha = Inner Earth
Ag = inner
Artha = Earth

Plejaren = Pleiadian
Arimo (means) to hold onto something
Tir Nan Og = green land/land of youth
Geranisa = title for mother in law
Spharmiddon = the end of the Earth
ta'â du shree photángiéa du kaka = I would like a mutton vindaloo
(I know these seem really 'out there' but I do not know anything more sorry)
{   Jan-2017 update:   }

Rei-ki = universe-energy
Cho ku rei = (reiki power symbol)

Seurrreeeeyan language (excuse me, Sirian:)

Selamat = condition
it comes before a greeting/salutations (gesture of welcome) to empathize the following word (after of it)

Selamat gajun = be one
 Selamat ja = be in joy = may a/the condition of joy/oneness be present
(I first researched Sirian after coming across Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! Sirian for 'Be One! Be in Joy!' on Galactic fed/light transmitions on goldenageofgaia website)

Selamat jalwa = be in everlasting joy
selamat majon = rejoice

selamat bakir = welcome
(not to be confused with selamat balik, below)

selamat kasiJaram = be blessed in love and joy

-rim -rin or -ran = ultimate
jarin = ultimate joy (rin reenforces it)
selamat jarin = blessings

(part of the channelling it seems:) "we see joy as a natural state for all sentient beings" therefore:
Creator = Ja Ta = joy of heaven
Water = Wa Ta = thing of heaven
(ja = joy,  wa = thing,  ta = Heaven)

selamat kasiTaram = be blessed in Heavenly love and joy
Good day = ja-i bashara

Selamat balik = typical Hello/Goodbye
Dratzo = informal greeting / Hi
In a ship, if telepathically welcomed "selamat balik" = heartfelt welcome (it is a customary welcome) then return curtesy with SPOKEN response of "selamat ja" putting both flat palms together (like in Asian greetings)

Thank you = zazuma
Bridge = Bregga

Sa = one
(both for referring to number and individuals)
Icem Sa = Miss/Mister Icem (icem is my blogger name)
Bha = soul
Sa Bha = One soul
Zauda zagon = We come as one in the light

Sirius = Akonowai = the blessed path
Sirius B = Akanowai = place of the Great Blue Lodge
(has 6 planets / 6 planet system)

{Sol-3 is Terra/this planet (also can be notated as Sol Terra 3}
Sirius B-4 = (planet) Samanet
Samanet has a constant purple hued sky, and 2 natural moons
mountain range "Shadota" meaning 'the many fingers of Heaven'
Most Sirians (according to the source) live inside of the planet, 'inner-Samanet' There are (grown) crystal cities within.
On the surface, there are temples and individual dome shaped houses and gardens
There are hamlets and a podlet makes what Sirians call (a) "bhada" maximum 64 people
Sandara hamlet = "Bhada Bregge" (the hamlet of bregge)(podlet of the temple bridge)
At the temple bridge when the sun rises (Sirius) it makes special violet light patterns on the East side on the stairs, as it rises.

Muktarin = land of the blue seas (4th planet)
(but didn't I just say 4th planet was Samanet? o.O idk, just regurgitation, someone please comment with an explaination)
The main continent of Muktarin = Sakara
Sa - indicates the entireity of anything
Ka - body/soul
Ra -principle of feminine energy
"the soul of feminine creativity"
Atarmunk = Holy place of the Atar (3rd planet)
Atar - Eagle-like bird

~ selamat gajun

edit 19/08/16
Sirian wording for their white-toned and smooth to the touch, special jumpsuits, is "metraknen venabu." This literally translates as utility wear.
Note that "veletos" are deployed in threes, as the scoutships, likewise, deploy in defensive triad formations. Under the veleto, standard jumpsuits are worn and in accord with GFL colour-coding, personnel of the Sirian star nation (akanowai dajoie) wear white.

edit 27/08:
You could youtube too: channelled light language messages {insert race (eg pleidian) here}

edit 28/08:
I seemed to find a pretty comprehensive guide to Korendian o.O It does not have numbers, but many verbs and nouns
Korendian for Hello: Kalo
My name is: Ni may ba na
('may' is said with an 'i'/ee sound, not -ay/-ey)
Kalo, ni may bana icem!

edit 31/08
The preview of this book seems to sell it well and if you scroll down, this author also has many other Sirian Starseeds remembering (languages) books

Hello in 6 languages:
Lyran: sha la ma 'am
Centaurian: za may a
Pleidian: sha la 'am
Sirian: Se la mat ja
Herculean: sel la ma 'at ja ra
Andromedan - a cha ra ya

Now you'll really be ready for disclosure!

(source/according to: 6mins+)
Arcturian blessings:
Nice to meet you: Esskaway / Es-ka-wek
Greetings: Mooglee / mugwee
a form of greeting: Bus-ke-das-ki-te
goodbye: borrdrol
may love find you / peace be with you: ba ru shis ka weh

source: (this link is such a good read! don't miss the pictures at the side/slideshow, and it even says what really happened to the dinosaurs)

One year on Erra lasts exactly as long as it does on Earth but it's divided into 13 months (an "Asar" in their language) instead of 12, with a compensating time of 23 years. A day (or "Musal") has 23 hours and 59.4 minutes. An hour ("Odur") correlates almost exactly to an earth hour.
To say hello to a Cetian, you would say "Haut Ajh".  Prounouced howt-ahshz


Edit 29/10/2016
The Sirian language word "dratzo" means; "dearly beloved souls" in the Akanowai language

Read more:
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Edit 21/01/17:
Universally-understood spiritual language, (called Oktran, or Zazzexska, or the vibrational language)
Sharem efga means: "I am not ready to meet you – I don't want to meet you now."
Sharem means: "Go away," or "Disappear," or "I don't want to...."
Narah means: "Stop!"
From :

Added: 3rd Feb 2017
Sassani - Living light
Essassani - Place of living light
Ili akhar de mash de mashana (Ile äkäɾ ɗɛ mäʃ ɗɛ mäʃänä) - the recognition of the creation in each other, or the mutual creative potential/ability.
Shi va - shi vi (ʃe vä ʃe vaI) - "I am completely in my passion, stand aside for I'm coming through"
Ha'atu (häʔätʉ) - "I love you"