Monday, 30 May 2016

Post 44 - Face the Facts

Water Powered Car (old report)

Telepathic calling to sky to see ship lights (fun to do at night)

Pleadians are NOT negative, but the rest of the video is concise with it's message:

"I have been officially BLOCKED"

Meditation introduced in English school:

Obama is the first serving US president to visit Hiroshima:

"To re-establish international banking credit, the Republic is now to put out a gold-backed currency called United States Notes (USN) that will have Martha Washington on the $10 dollar bill"

Lots of hyperlinks (news):

Pictures of (changed) fruit:

Why America is not somewhere to be proud of living:

Light language images:

time: 11 - 14 minutes... scary story:

Cool Hollow Earth Stori/es insert here:

"landing soon, but only in a frequency of reality in which “Power Within Self” has replaced all remnants of  “Power Over Others.”

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Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Post 43 - New Beginnings

"When astronauts go to space, they gain a profound perspective"

"a distance of around 20 miles (32 km)"

The older you get, the faster time feels to go, but what if the relationship was not your own age...?

Vegetarian Week

For 107 hours(!)

If cops followed the law

Spyro soundtracks:

Guide You Home

Valley of Avalar

New Beginning

Enchanted Towers theme

Thunderbirds are Go

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Monday, 16 May 2016

Post 42 - Suffering

Exposing major issues with poverty in British Establishment:

From makers of: Campaign That (aims to) End(s) Illegal UFO & Free Energy Secrecy

These Argentineans are enjoying hot showers thanks to recycling

"without your knowledge or concent"
FEMA camps and more:

Was Sandy Hook Shootings (2012) a hoax?

9/11 on wikipedia

Why you shouldn't exercise to lose weight, explained with 60+ studies

The fact that world maps are incorrect is something that I contemplated about quite a few years ago, I learnt just the fact, in Geography class.

Anticorruption acts (changing law so congress could be fixed)

From now on, new technology will be used to determine the sex of each fertilised egg before the chick inside develops.

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Sunday, 8 May 2016

Post 41 - Terror news

"If you see any such strange things, ignore them and go back to what you were doing. Discourage others from paying any attention to them."

"This five foot three woman stood alone in the face of 300 neo-Nazis."

Zootopia crack theory:

"This low vibrational frequency, coupled with GMO foodChemtrails, pharmaceuticals, programming, and chemical tainted water have allowed for control over our thoughts and manipulation of our individual and collective holograms."

"The polls show that about 50 percent of Americans believe that intelligent life exists on other planets"

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Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Post 40 - Cause and Effect

UFO news, video @ min+:

Powering don't drink and drive video:

When 'theorying I came accross this term so I'ma just paste wiki:

There are conspiracy theories around this event such as UFO sighting but I do not know much about it:
Nine hikers die in mysterious circumstances in the Ural Mountains in Russia. No one could explain it. Theories about nuclear tests, yetis, UFOs and strange lights all emerged. A man called Donnie Eichar researched the case and came up with a sound theory. A recently discovered phenomena, infrasound, had disorientated the group and left the fleeing from the tent. From then, darkness and hypothermia took over. Igor Dyatlov, Rustem and Zinaida were all found going up the hill towards the tent. They had suffered injuries such as broken noses and skull fractures. Georgy and Yuri were found under a tree next to a small fire, their arms burnt and clothes missing.  Lyudmila, Aleksandr (Semyon), Alexander and Nikolai were found at the bottom of the ravine. They had the worst injuries. Lyudmila's tongue was missing and they were wearing Georgy and Yuri's clothes.  Generally The tent was cut open from the inside. Reports suggest there were only the hikers footprints around. The mountain was deemed too shallow for avalanches. They had written about seeing snowmen. Strange lights had been reported in the area.

Kick Ass (We Are Young)
"We are young, we are strong, we're not looking for where we belong"

Brave New World / shin-se-gye
"all about the universe, is about to be reversed"

"You can't wake up, this is not a dream, you're part of a machine, you are not a human being"

I've been reading up the truth about energy and stuff but I want to fully understand it so that I don't give a false conspiracy theory but something to learn, maybe a type up of interesting notes.

Be brave

Monday, 2 May 2016

Post 39 - Change is inevitable

This post is a few days late - I know this> but I was not getting too many views so now I think I will post just 1-2 times per week. I, on this blog, have already said most of what I wanted to say. Therefore please read the old posts, check out the links, and have a fun day =^_-=

Please firstly, go sign this:
Please support the campaigns like this, they are going to help us.

Doggii helper:
People look down all day, their feet as they walk, their phones, desk, they don't look up at the sky ;'( From this image, it seems to say that looking down makes you shallower, looking up makes you more open minded, having another perspective makes you more open minded.

In spirituality, this is the theory that I hear the most:

I think this is a good article, I'd add loving fantasy, a bubbly indescribable feeling when watching fantasy eg HTTYD. I did not think of aliens/reincarnation/memory loss when I was a child so I did not have the thought/idea that I could have been a starseed/ET, and even though I cannot understand other humans, think a lot of their talk is a load of nonsense/silly, I can't understand jokes/sarcasm, I felt lost, struggled to make friends, trusted too easily, and felt like sugarglass around violence, I still didn't get it until it was really pushed into my head and it was proven:


More channelled/message dances:
Taeyeon i --
Freaks --

Change is on the way