Monday, 2 May 2016

Post 39 - Change is inevitable

This post is a few days late - I know this> but I was not getting too many views so now I think I will post just 1-2 times per week. I, on this blog, have already said most of what I wanted to say. Therefore please read the old posts, check out the links, and have a fun day =^_-=

Please firstly, go sign this:
Please support the campaigns like this, they are going to help us.

Doggii helper:
People look down all day, their feet as they walk, their phones, desk, they don't look up at the sky ;'( From this image, it seems to say that looking down makes you shallower, looking up makes you more open minded, having another perspective makes you more open minded.

In spirituality, this is the theory that I hear the most:

I think this is a good article, I'd add loving fantasy, a bubbly indescribable feeling when watching fantasy eg HTTYD. I did not think of aliens/reincarnation/memory loss when I was a child so I did not have the thought/idea that I could have been a starseed/ET, and even though I cannot understand other humans, think a lot of their talk is a load of nonsense/silly, I can't understand jokes/sarcasm, I felt lost, struggled to make friends, trusted too easily, and felt like sugarglass around violence, I still didn't get it until it was really pushed into my head and it was proven:


More channelled/message dances:
Taeyeon i --
Freaks --

Change is on the way

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