Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Post 40 - Cause and Effect

UFO news, video @ min+:

Powering don't drink and drive video:

When 'theorying I came accross this term so I'ma just paste wiki:

There are conspiracy theories around this event such as UFO sighting but I do not know much about it:
Nine hikers die in mysterious circumstances in the Ural Mountains in Russia. No one could explain it. Theories about nuclear tests, yetis, UFOs and strange lights all emerged. A man called Donnie Eichar researched the case and came up with a sound theory. A recently discovered phenomena, infrasound, had disorientated the group and left the fleeing from the tent. From then, darkness and hypothermia took over. Igor Dyatlov, Rustem and Zinaida were all found going up the hill towards the tent. They had suffered injuries such as broken noses and skull fractures. Georgy and Yuri were found under a tree next to a small fire, their arms burnt and clothes missing.  Lyudmila, Aleksandr (Semyon), Alexander and Nikolai were found at the bottom of the ravine. They had the worst injuries. Lyudmila's tongue was missing and they were wearing Georgy and Yuri's clothes.  Generally The tent was cut open from the inside. Reports suggest there were only the hikers footprints around. The mountain was deemed too shallow for avalanches. They had written about seeing snowmen. Strange lights had been reported in the area.

Kick Ass (We Are Young)
"We are young, we are strong, we're not looking for where we belong"

Brave New World / shin-se-gye
"all about the universe, is about to be reversed"

"You can't wake up, this is not a dream, you're part of a machine, you are not a human being"

I've been reading up the truth about energy and stuff but I want to fully understand it so that I don't give a false conspiracy theory but something to learn, maybe a type up of interesting notes.

Be brave

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