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Post 52 - Channelled Starseed Links

Here is a mix of things, channelled images, transcripts, videos, purchasable inspiring and ET/Starseed designed items~
I wanted to try and search that more than one race/star people, regularly sending messages through one source, (up to date, not one offs) so that I could follow it and learn spiritual topics/improvement, or about the world, etc #notalone
(be sure to give them likes/views/subs/bumps/positive comments, too!)
Some of these don't come up in every search, so here is a good compilation!

Just about monthly Orion council channellings:
(she has asked before on her fb page for requests for questions for the next one!)
I own this book:

Alcyon Pleiades (these videos are available in many languages on seperate dedicated Youtube channels)

first video in series in English-
mixed lang-
There are also separate YT channels for :
(there are other language YT channels that I have not listed here, some of the videos such as 3 and 4 were reuploaded/re-published on another channel)

SaLuSa (Sirian) channelled messages/transcripts:
(this website also has lots of channellings on the sidebar/links)

Sirian starseed Sheldan Nidle's Webinar videos:
(full versions purchasable from)

Bashar ET channellings:

Archangel Metatron channelled:

Kyron channelled by Lee Carroll

Big Head Scientist animated channelled messages from many being origins:

ArcturusRa: Starseed/channelled message Youtuber:

Vanessa Lamorte (light language and teaching)

Remembering Love and Light:

Neil 333
the story videos are long and contain precious translations (normally channelings do not have subtitles and I wish they did, so that we know what they are saying!)

(new channel) Tim Zyphin

Enlightened Journeys Starseed transmissions/messages:

AskAngels, Angel prayers / spiritual help:

Languages of Light Youtube:

Council of Wanderers Collective:
Galactic Art community:

Channelled predictions youtube:

Higher Self's YT:

Family of Light uploads:

Pleiaidan channellings, from Abraham Hicks and Barbara Marciniak:

Cassopedian / Casiopaean channeled transcripts:
Laura Knight-Jadczyk's website:

Light Language images:

Frequency paintings:

The ET art / info on all these posts is stunning / so good!

Lovehaswon: regular/new channelled messages are listed on homepage:

Golden age of Gaia
"You are a soul, you do not have a soul; you are your soul."

Addition/edit 11th/05/2017 channeling:
Official Agatha to humanity world symposium

(not lists of channelling but more information)
Hollow Earth / Cities

Spirit Science series:

My own channel, BlueCharlye:
I want to channel something sometime in 2017 and I'd be sure to upload it <3

You can go to the library and there may be a shelf or section on UFO/Alien books, or at a bookstore and certainly online.

If you are looking for other 'seeds or wanting help/teaching I have an academy page, and group chat on fb @ -

Lots of blog posts and profiles of star-seeds at:

Does your race/star family not do channellings/messages/media to Earth? Please ask them! The more things get posted, the more evidence it is on social media and as a spiritual craze, maybe it could help some people <3

If there are other links/websites/videos that you like, please put them in the comments!
And please please read post 51 <3
Love and Light
Icem-pie :P

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