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Post 32 - Geography Lesson 2

Evidence for a link that was mentioned in Post 26:
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What are LDCs? These are the poorest countries (third world)
Countries are currently ranked as third/second (LEDC) and first world (MEDC)

Dharavi slum
Makeshift, unstable, illegal, 'houses' flock the streets. The workers are paid too low (almost nothing) yet the businesses their earn over £350 million. A swamp there was filled with rotten fish and coconut leaves for the houses to be built on top of, so the flooring is unstable and the land would be hard to repair/recover.
The 'houses' are made of scraps of wood and sheets of metal from rubbish. Factories are stacked on top of one another, where very dangerous conditions and machines are put for the tired and hard working Indians (practically slaves).
1 toilet is for around every 2000 people (very unhygienic) Rats raid the slums (also bug/germ infested) Small children suffer from little food. The poor go from Mumbai to find work, but end up living in the big slums.

There are no health and safety regulations. If you get hurt there is no compensation. Some even cut off their own limbs (or even their childrens) because they see that they have no future and they are more likely to earn a few more pennies if they look vulnerable.
Toxic dust has been blown towards the people and animals increasing cancer rates and illnesses (and you can imagine that they can't afford pharmaceutical products from Big Pharma or hospital costs which are affordable only for the richer.)
The slums shown in Slumdog Millionaire are real. The smell can be smelt from a long way off, tourists can smell it straight from the nearby airport, and there are slum tours available in India.

Human/physical issues - Fishing industries have little fish after their deaths when the Aral lake shrunk. When the fish die their bodies are left floating around.

This means they loose their jobs as selling no fish leads to insufficient funds to feed their families. With no fish there are less fishermen jobs, and the people are left unemployed, as well as the lakes being permanently damaged/destroyed/life taken away from the lakes. 

And the above is why you should raise your voice, spread the message that we need a new government that will actually fix things in our and other countries, not just pretending to keep human rights up, join the protests, because they are scaring the authorities, that we are waking up. There is the evidence to be able to prove to the unawakened ones.
If they turn their face away, they are being ignorant. The news is now exposing it, there are BBC shows, and death or slavery statistics. It is plain wrong. We have to stand up for the people who do not have voices. We are a global community. The people in power do not use their responsibility wisely, but use it even for malicious purposes. They are not doing just nothing, they are letting The System continue and thrive. Everyone has to say no!

Coup d'etat: (overthrow, is the sudden and forced seizure of a state, usually instigated by a small group of the existing government establishment to depose the established regime and replace it with a new ruling body.)

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