Saturday, 9 April 2016

Post 19 - Potential

"Gently open your eyes" - 7th sense (third eye? opening eyes to awareness of the world issues?)

The picture shows a potential for utensils, and here are quirky environmentally-friendly bowls to go with them:

Red Velvet - Cool World -

(pre)Disclosure potential:
6 days ago (02/04/16) Leaking of tax avoidance documentation/evidence to public:

Instead of Disclosure, the negative apocalypse, of the world being destroyed, the 'bad guys' planned an EMP bomb. This is a big rumour, and why? Because all of this information being leaked, all the prime ministers/presidents being uprooted and exposed as being naughty would be stopped. The 'bad guys' were rumoured to want to reduce the population to 10% (potentially inaccurate/incorrect stats though) once the Earth's resources had run out. The EMP bomb would help because of 'survival of the fittest' too, picking out the best slaves, if their plan was to be successful. It had multiple motives/ideas behind it, to do the work for the 'bad guys'.

(seperate news)

Dear UFOs, if you are real, kind and benevolent, please abduct me sometime, I'd love to see inside of a ship!

I love shippyships! From Charlye


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