Friday, 1 April 2016

Post 11 - Super Naturally

Water is sacred It is also an element. We are told that there are 4 elements in Avatar The Last Airbender (I do not watch anime but it is like a cartoon/mix so it is easy for a large audience to watch) 

At one point last year I got into 'ki energy' and how it can be manipulated in cool ways to heal others or to even move objects! A Manhwa (Korean type of manga) called the Breaker inspired me and there are videos on YouTube of people making fires or doing insane stuff with it. I believe it is part of the truth that we are not told that it exists and can work with quantum physics to do many things that we currently would only dream of. There are 'super psychics' around the world that can do amazing things too:

I also got interested into martial arts after reading The Breaker. I had a few months where I was a big fan and I can't wait for series 3!
The people who do these things prove that it is possible to be super natural, as in it is superly natural. You just have to research/train, some people are even born with these talents, born super naturally - the name suggests that this state / being able to bend ki / talk telepathically / teleport items etc is meant to be normal...?! Yes, I truly believe this.

I believe that crystals have metaphysical properties and their energy can be used to affect your own energy. They do not have the properties of rocks. They have a different structure, and emit energy. Rose quartz was used in some of the first radios/computers, and is still used today in some 'ordinary' human technologies:
But something that may have been made with not so 'ordinary' human technology:

Loving that natural look!
~ iCEM

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