Friday, 8 April 2016

Post 18 - Individual differences,

Good news:
Cineworld (England) now has "autism friendly" screenings. I also went into my local library and there was a display of dyslexia friendly children's books.

(the next definition is continued notes from my citizenship year 11 book)
(please note that I am not any religion, not even a spiritualist kind-of-person, my belief is that I wish that people did not have religions dividing us, but if someone is kind I will respect their culture, as they respect me back)

Religious Tolerance: When others allow the practice of a belief that they disapprove.

There is something that I came across in a video about quantum jumping, it had an activity that asked you to imagine that there are an unlimited amount of yous in unlimited parallel universes. If you're wanting to know something, meditate and ask yourself from the place where you were already successful at something, of how you did it, or how to improve, asking the person that is already an expert in that universe. I love Dance Moms and Abby Lee's "everyone's replaceable" - if there are apparently 7 billion on this planet (although I have never personally counted :P) But am I really replaceable..?
then we are expected to be good, in a competition, in this construction, we have to be better than others at everything, suck things up, and be 'good enough' but referring to a link that I posted, you are already 'good enough!' You are just starting on life's great adventure. Make each and every day something to remember.

God Bless America: I'm not like everybody else:

The God Project - Deus Projectum

I have only read the preview but it seems like a good book :)

Happy to be me

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