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Post 20 - Video bombs

Sad note: If I suddenly disappear, it's not because I don't care, it's because my laptop died and I don't have a replacement, I'm currently using a slow gifted Vista with a dying droaning fan :/ But I love to post this stuff every day and when people share or compliment in comments it is really remembered and lifts my mood a lot =^_--=

The Green Party asked five-year-olds to act out British Politics

<-- My homemade {vegan (refer to post 5)} digestives

made with cheap biscuits and chocolate
(just checked the label for the ingredients)
I'm no artist although I like to draw aliens and geometric shapes (badly XD)

Vegan shopping list: (always check ingredients!)
You can show this list to people who believe you'd be living off biscuits and rice

1- Oreos/biscuits/rusks (but you need to check the labels again)
2- Chocolate (some crisps?)
3- Popcorn (check the flavourings) I love the flavour of "popcorn+me" (made with natural ingredients)
4- Vegan flapjack (apricot flavour)

5- Some cheap super-noodles/pot-noodles (check the labels, but even Beef and tomato pot noodle appears vegan)
6- Wholegrain normal (bluedragon) noodles + soy sauce (Korean yogiyo is awesome)
7- Pasta (hopefully organic/wholegrain/brown/coloured) 8- Rice ( " )

9 - Bread
10 - (with)Jam (British English for 'jelly') /honey (this is argued not vegan but I support bees and it is very healthy) peanut butter, vegan 'margarine' spreads) (search the brand because I saw one contained fat to 'stick the other ingredients together' found on their FAQ
11 - Breadsticks/nacho chips/flatbread
12 - (with)Hummus dip (or buy chickpeas and search for hummus ingredients)
13 - Crumpets
14- Fruit
15- Nuts/seeds/dried fruit packets
16- Vegetables/onions/chillies/peppers/spinach/beetroot/advocadoes (guacamole) (kimchi) (stir-fry)
17 - Salad (ingredients better than bagged)
18 - Potatoes (chips) (veg for 19- soup, fruit/veg/oats for super-health-smoothies, vegan protein shake powder is also available in the organic store)
20- Cous-cous 21- Bulgar wheat 22- Lentils (At first I thought these were nuts believe me or not, so at first I avoided them until my friend bought me some)
23- Quinola

24- Tofu
25- Tempeh (to chop into squares and fry with stir fry)
26- Tahini
27- Seitan
28- Vegan curry
29- Herbs (dried/mixed or grow your own eg parsley plants)

30- Quorn products (spag bol - pasta+tomato sauce)
31- Burrito wraps (mixed with veg eg sweetcorn/carrot slices/salsa sauce/quorn or tofu strips)
32- Jelly (the stuff that wobbles, not jam)

33- Tins (spaghetti hoops / baked beans / refried beans / kidney beans / tinned tomatoes / soups (chick peas to add with potato chunks and sauce/veg/tempei then oven-baked)

34- Tomato sauce / ketchup / soy-sauce / Chinese sauces
35 - Tomato puree/passata
36- Extra virgin oil / coconut oil (for cooking with)
37- "Free From" TESCO range (that means dairy free ice cream's available, but only in the larger stores, Swedish Glace Vanilla Soya, tastes really good, my meat-eating friends commented that it was even creamier/better than cheaper ice creams)
38- Cereal (I look for the gmo free / organic labels)
39- Halva
40- (organic) Soya/almond milk
41- Fruit juices

42- Baking Powder
43- Flour/cornflour/sugar/salt/pepper

Why have McDonalds when you can have: looks so much more yummy!! D:

As you see from the biscuits above (combination of plain biscuits and chocolate) you can get inventive to make alternatives/similar items, there is 'vegan cheese' but I did not like cheese much anyway so I did not miss this. I also found powder dairy free vegan cheese sauce.
> You can also google for vegan versions of meat products.

Gangster Gardener:

But this might put you off the animal biscuits for a bit :/

However there is hope for nature with some funny ideas like this:

You just have to take action:

or not:

Spiritual extras:

Have a fun day, square-eyes!
<3 ICEM <3

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