Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Post 36 - Animorphs

The vital importance of saying 'no' without guilt

Why I'm vegan:


Very good alien evidence video:


There is a book series on Aliens and it exploded in the 90s so you may have even seen the covers, but it is sadly not published anymore, however books are available on eBay even as full collections or in large chunks, and the first nine have new editions that are available new, but they also stopped publishing them because they didn't meet demands / they didn't sell many / didn't kick off as well as last time. You can find them as PDFs eg 

There is even a TV series but you can find it if you're lucky in 240p because it's old/from the 90s too. 

It is called Animorphs, and it has some real stuff in it such as council of 13 which I was really shocked about. I googled council of 13 and I was thinking of the illuminati but then it came up with Animorphs and I even forgot that it was mentioned like that. I couldn't believe it.
Basically some of the concepts are real and if you read it suspenseful and slowly as if it is real, it is a very cool read. I am still infact buying the last few books that I do not own to fill my little space on the floor where I keep them, I put small animal toys on top of the books too, to make the pile look more colourful ^_^ I really recommend them, if it's the only book series you'll ever read in your life, don't be put off by the simple first page, they're addicting and it's deep for a kids book, it goes into war/death/mind invasion etc
If you've read them, this site is funny/pawesome:

Read all about it

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