Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Post 23 - A little about me

I have a sad confession to make, and maybe you have gone through it too, but when I told my mum that I loved sacred geometry / I watched spirit science / believed in Aliens (with the evidence like crop circles) after quitting school to peruse what I really wanted to do, she took me to the emergency mental health screening place at the hospital and to a doctors to try and get me desperately checked for mental illness. I was not accepted for who I was by my parents, they did not give unconditional love, that responsibility that should be there for bringing a being into the world was missing.
Anyway, I ran away, after running away from my Dad's about 9 months ago from that. I also about three months later (a week ago) I got checked for psychosis and it was just a talk in the place that I was staying at but this was my parents deliberately trying to harm me after telling a housing charity another story so that they would tell me that they suddenly had no vacancies despite telling me that they had 2 places that they could put me (I got pretty solid evidence of this)

I've been homeless for a few months whilst staying at a friends and getting persecuted, but I've been trying to work things out now and hopefully things will get better as planned globally. When I have happy-grat, gratitude for my life and everything that's gone right, and just being happy/humble/accepting things just feel better, releasing my sadness through tears, being forgiving, moving on, living in the present, that I am safe/well and there are many millions of people that would probably love to be in my position or have their life course swapped with mine. Take the advice of people less fortunate, live dreams by taking advantage of the opportunities that they sadly cannot yet take.

Also, I feel like after all my research and trying to push my enlightenment to find truths, I am disorientated by living in the current world. I carry around and flip through mashed up tree (books) I am wearing cotton, I walk on the hard black ground as I already mentioned, I can't stand the food, I feel like there is no variety and shops just all look the same, everything is just too boring when I think of living/flying around in futuristic spaceships and thinking of technology and better environments. Maybe you've had some of this too? This feeling of things being out-of-place.

I put a bit of my story to get to the real point which is I will not have my own internet for the next maybe week or so, I don't know how long, but I'm going to try and come online on the library computers or find some way to keep posting =-_^= so if I am quiet for a while / posting irregularly for the next month, it's not because I've lost interest, I really enjoy conspiracy theorying like it's a part time job! Finding truth is really fun and current Earth is really boring... I dislike to say 'I cannot' but I may just not have the connection required, but if ''there's always a way'' I'm sure I'll be fine ;3

I have also had some 'phenomena' happen to me. I opened a daily fortune cookie (I still do every day, the same one on fb) and it predicted even that there was going to be a fire at my school (it was not that exact words but it was so similar that my classmates believed the prediction) I take the numbers as Angel numbers. I also found that if I put crystals under my pillow I sleep a little bit less, maybe there's something about their energy? o.O Crystal grids are sure very cool and fun to set up ;3 Many horoscopes are made by people who just want your money, but there are some good free ones that are more accurate. The way the planets are in our solar system can change our consciousness, you may have already heard that there are more crimes on the full moon.

A slightly more colourful icem is signing out <3

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