Sunday, 3 April 2016

Post 13 - Summer belongs to you

Summer belongs to you:
Cool for the summer:
Put on some colourful clothes rather than those dark ones that make you feel dull and go out and make a change. We're stuck in the same cycle, it's easy, but if we listen to ourselves it doesn't make us resonate with happiness and love, so think these positive thoughts and force yourself off your sofa with wings that you imagine are there, onto a real airplane, or put on some ballet shoes and get dancing!

"What is Love, baby don't hurt me, no more"

I know it's a cheesy song, but when one of my teachers at school put this on it made me smile! :) Don't hurt yourself by not chasing opportunities that you can put in front of yourself, ask in your mind for opportunities, search for them and believe you are able, and you'll see how powerful your thoughts can be.

From an unconditional love-giver ~ ICEM

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