Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Post 30 - Aliens

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I read:
We are made in God's image, God being Alien, being made in Alien image.
I think it is entirely possible that what people have experienced as, aliens are in fact angels
I'm pretty sure God would qualify as being an alien. He/It is not of this world; so the term extra-terrestrial definitely applies.
A god represents a life beyond the current reality. Aliens represent the fact that we aren't special.
...and even harder to convince people that our creator-being was an alien.
God is mysterious, he qualifies as a more emotionally satisfactory explanation for this sense of transcendence we feel than anything else (e.g. brain chemistry). Aliens don't offer any such explanation.
It's interesting though, because the picture we have of aliens bears a resemblance to pagan gods. Aliens and pagan gods provide explanations for phenomena we don't understand, but not necessarily a sense of meaning or purpose in the way that God can.

"Nearly two thirds (65 percent) think President Obama would be a better leader than Mitt Romney if an alien invasion were to happen."

A good guide for star watching, I heard there is also an app that if you face up, it tells you what you should be able to see based on your location.

Moonwalking like a pro

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