Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Post 16 - Discoveries

If you didn't hear in the news, here's a sweet Dis-I-close sign #2016 !!! :D

Coral bleaching disaster at the Great Barrier ReefThe scientists who study the Great Barrier Reef are shocked and appalled by what they’re seeing right now. Unusually warm ocean temperatures in the Pacific Ocean — driven by global warming and a powerful El NiƱo. Coral reefs are often called the rain forests of the ocean — they cover just 0.01 percent of the world’s sea floor, but they’re home to 25 percent of marine fish species. They’re popular spots for divers and tourists, but they also sustain food for half a billion people and protect shorelines from storms. And they’re just plain lovely. “I witnessed a sight underwater that no marine biologist, and no person with a love and appreciation for the natural world for that matter, wants to see” said Jodie Rummer. (source:

UFO sightings

Forget Tatooine, scientists have found a triple-star systemPlanets that orbit two stars are a dime a dozen in the universe. Even Star Wars pays homage to double-star systems in that classic scene on Luke Skywalker’s home planet, Tatooine. But now astronomers have found a much rarer triple-star system. If you stood on the exoplanet called KELT-4Ab, you’d see a three-sun sunset. It’s only the fourth triple-star system ever discovered. This is the closest three-star system we’ve ever found to Earth, so the researchers think we could learn a lot from it.

I know that I have posted political viewpoints, but I wish to honestly mention that I do not deeply know about politics, it is not to my interest, although when I was little and alone in the playground I sat at the side wishing that I could become president (prime minister in the UK but I didn't even know that, at that age) so that I could find why the roads were hard and black and make the environment better, improve education, etc. I did not know just about anything that I posted on this blog, but I still had that dream at that age... I do not dream of being president any more because that is sure some big shoes to fill and I do not look for fame/idolism/etc, but I still have the dream continuing to find out what is wrong, why it's wrong, and what we can do to fix it or improve our inner selves so we can change the outside.

When I post of Aliens, I can understand if you do not believe me, it has been made in the media to look like something from fantasy, and you would also think, where would they come from? Are there other inhabitable planets? But if they are already here, they would have more sophisticated technology and like an above article says, if they were all hostile, we would not still be surviving unless we were slaves etc. Basically, I think there are ones who say that they are of 'love and light' and 'come in peace' who wish to help the planet but they are either hidden through their own decision or our governments try to hide their existence, or there is something more to the story, more reasons that humans just don't know, why they would protect themselves or not want to reveal themselves for some reason, but if they were to show that they were real to the world, unless it was a bad government, it would be of their own wish/will... Which makes the 2016 disclosure rumours pretty cool, even if it didn't come around to happen 0Y0

- With love, from Charlye (icem)

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