Saturday, 16 April 2016

Post 26 - The world is your oyster

Next week President Obama is coming to the UK to meet David Cameron.
High on the agenda is likely to be TTIP, a dangerous EU-US trade deal being negotiated right now. TTIP is a wish list for big corporations that could lower the quality of food we feed our children and make privatisation of our NHS irreversible.

"Yeah Aliens.. they can't possibly exist, trillions of stars, all of them dead... lol!"
(due to the popularity rising there are a few fake videos about so stay aware of this, but there are new messages and videos about, lots of UFOs hanging around recently, and I have seen them myself virtually every night over England and there was a light in the field and even big flashes in the sky. I filmed it one time but I do not wish to upload/re-film anything as I feel that it is kinda weird to be taking UFO selfies whilst they are fighting off bad guys / doing serious work / trying to save us (although they say for now, to try and spread the message that they are real it's kinda okay to do so, it's just my own conflicts/opinion/belief.
You may think that you have never seen a UFO but you might not have without even realising. They can disguise their ship lights to look like white stars in the sky. When you look up at the stars at night, if there are tiny lines coming off it, if you thought it appeared/disappeared, it could be a light. The lights may be in the formation of stars, like I have seen Orion (including Belt) in the sky but I knew that it was really UFO lights. You may also see little shooting lines up that may seem like your eyes were funny but it's really ships zipping up/around the sky - you know they are here already. They are everywhere in the atmosphere and there is normally too much light pollution to see stars into space, meaning the lights are from the ships above Earth...

"an annoyance for amateur astronomers but also because it can adversely affect wildlife and human health"

"...careful.” And he calls me up the next day and he goes, “I’ve had calls about you. If someone comes and asks you to get in their car, don’t..."


"intent to utterly destroy Japan, it was a shallow win for them"

If you still don't believe in chemtrails -__-

"flexible electronics to read tear fluid chemicals to determine blood sugar levels"

(scroll down to the videos on the next link:)

Please value your experience/s
Love from Charlye

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