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Post 33 - What is Spiritual?

In response to Post 26, the signatures from the link resulted in a full page in the UK newspapers the Guardian and the Telegraph!

Never too old to start a hobby/dream:

(Geography notes 3:) Food - Kill it Cook it Eat it - Controversial shows which include the showing of animal slaughter to demon-strate what is required to get from animal factories to plates. If you found Earthlings interesting, this is another sad/horrifying show:

What is increasing consciousness? I define it as more mental/spiritual awareness which leads to more physical/mental understanding of the universe and yourself.

Everything comes from within / as above so below - What does this mean? I'm still figuring it out myself, pretty good/big/deep quotes.

Have you ever wondered what can be found that is smaller than atoms? Sacred geometry can be. My understanding is flawed though.

When you Web Search Spirituality/Spiritual stuff it may come up with:
- Alternate healing
- Astral Projection / Lucid dreaming
- Witches/Spirits/Psychics / white/black magick
- Channelling messages / telepathy
- ETs/Aliens
- Crystals (metaphysical properties of)
- Religion/s
- Other dimentions
- Meditation

If there was only one thing on this list I'd put it as energy, as everything is made of energy in one form or another. Chakras (Spirit Science 4) shows the basic understanding of this energy system present in beings such as humans.

You can also do mudras with your hands:

And affirmations such as:
I am enough, I am worthy of love and abundance, I will break free of society's conditioning on me, and I can find and bring my higher self into me so I can be my true self.

Don't doubt, believe, trust, have faith
Miracles happen, there IS a way around my problem/s and I WILL find it
I will open my heart to the possibilities and beauty, and have genuine hope
I will keep hope, because in the end, my journey is about me and not what others want of me
I'll live my dreams, having fun, being me feels good, I can light the way for others too
Happiness and health flow through my body, I will have feelings of joy/bliss/peace in my life
I am productive, constructive, active, persistent, and courageous, controlling my thoughts and actions
I am humble, because I understand the analogy that a popstar requires many people behind him/her eg backup dancers, fans, camera/lighting crew, music producers/contract, singing teachers, and the stage.
My journey will take me far so that I can stare back at my life and be breathless with fascinating stories of my tale and standing on top of the mountain of my climb, metaphorically, look and think "wow, everything is amazing and perfect because I was already appreciating, giving, and expressing gratitude along the way/path"
...What do I really want..?

Whilst searching for 'new age' information, whilst keeping an open mind, do beware of false information, or of spiritual burnout (mentally hurt by information found, running too fast) so stay on the light side and go through things at your own pace. I went to a local spiritual church and it freaked me out, it was pretty scary, it looked like a Church on the inside and they sung Churchy/religious songs but instead of Bible reading they were talking to spirits and stuff S: I do not recommend Churches/worshiping/religions because they divide and like I posted on a picture, Aliens would not Bible quote (much? XD!) It was just too much for little me, who prefers learning about the effects of meditation and futuristic technology.

There is not just the physical body but etheric/mental etc, and when you have a problem, such as a cold, more than one could be affected, because you let the negative energy into your energy field / aura. If you use reiki to remove the negative energy/ies and replace it with positive energy/ies, and shield your aura, you can prevent illness/faults. If you can heal yourself you may be able to heal others too! :D

You can't love what you don't have, so first, love yourself <3
Love from Charlye

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