Friday, 15 April 2016

Post 25 - Disorientation

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The text above was made by a pokemon (it is English but awesome Alien-like font)

"series of former NASA and government employees who back up the claims"

No crees en extraterrestres? mira esto!

"Loder also opines that the aliens are making themselves more known to try to wake up the populace because, "We're polluting ourselves to death." He claims that the U.S. government, using "Star Wars" and, presumably, other methods, has been able to shoot down UFOs. Loder also points out that by the government keeping this information secret, humanity is prevented from using alien technology that is free and clean, such that the environment is also suffering from this cover-up. He further declares that humankind is going to have to evolve in order to join any cosmic community, and that its attitudes towards religion, race, etc., will have to change.
Any "aliens" who may be lurking about on this planet must also be questioned as to why, if they are so advanced and evolved, they have allowed such a destructive scenario as what has been happening on Earth for the past several thousand years.
Yet, if it were true that they have been engaged in stellar wars to keep this or any other planet safe from the bad guys, then we would certainly hail them as heroes, just as we would any human who puts her or his life on the line for the greater good. And then we would incorporate them into our lives as guests and members of the cosmic family. We would also express our gratitude that they have finally revealed themselves to be real, such that humankind is freed at last from its "island madness" and now knows that it is not alone and is not responsible for the maintenance of the entire universe."

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I'm not black, you're not white (the link is even better than the title on the link suggests)

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