Monday, 28 March 2016

Post 7 - Do what you love, and love others < 3


Career advice: Instead of thinking what you want to do, think about who you want to be. (source:The Muse)

Celebrities Speak Out On Fame & Materialism

"love is all you need"

Calling her DUMB won't make you SMART
Calling her WEAK won't make you STRONG
Calling her UGLY won't make you BEAUTIFUL
Calling her MEAN won't make you NICE
Calling her GAY won't make you STRAIGHT
Calling her RUDE won't make you POLITE

So why bother? #dontlookaway

This next link/s is really good!

If you're having trouble being kind to others: Treat People Like They're Dyeing!
Live through love~ICEM

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