Thursday, 24 March 2016

Post 3 - Power quarrell

So if you resonate with this blog you'll know that the people in power are liars/manipulators/haters/screwing humans and everything else too:
They make us think that we have power (through money) but in fact they make/manipulate/control money so they are in fact the ones that have strings on us like puppets for their own game, and they keep us in the dark about their true intentions. They ensure they keep power through the brainwashing/illusions they pour onto us like rain:
I'm even up for conspiracy theorying on this such as falseflag campaign us elections:
"Presidential debates are a terrible way to get to know these people. They should do podcasts instead. 3 hours, live and uncensored"
This petition was followed by a documentary TV show where Russell Brand showed some faults in politics and then sent all the signatures on paper to No. 10 Downing Street, but no reply or action was taken from it, annoyingly/sadly
"But the argument has been made in the past and will no doubt be made in the future that it is OK to lie - or rather to have secrets - when security is at stake."

How to (really) run for president comedy sketch:

Isn't it funny how I learnt how to live, through the virtual world? It is because it is not made to show you how to live life, it is a government brainwashing system to make us think in the way that they want us to.
The evidence is there and so I know that I am sane. My awakened self says to myself: insanity = inside of sanity, we know that we should be taught differently, or that there is just a lot missing, such as personal development. We are spoonfed and given a few maths problems to make us think that we can problem solve but really it just makes us more shallow minded:
(from the article above) If it's the last YouTube video you watch, please let it be this one!!! Very interesting:

I tweeted on 15th Aug 2015: Sometimes I suddenly feel really stressed and I can't figure out why, until I see that I'm not listening to music ( and now I know why, they send out waves from our devices, and the way that we use them affects our perception on time, they mess with our brain so that we feel that we cannot look up and if we do we'd become depressed when this should not be the case. De-brainwash yourself!!! Set yourself free~ I am posting evidence that I know that I am hurt and trapped in this system, and because you are on technology, blogging, most likely you are too! I know myself that I am very brainwashed and I think "incorrectly" myself, I am not purely my true self, I do not even have a favourite colour because I do not know myself and I wish to be open minded until I know enough to be able to help myself (yes, the people who are in control have still won over my habits, my mind, and I might as well escalate to whole life, because it is true, no matter where I am, China to America, I am living in the world that they have constructed,
in a house, all the roads are covered in hard black tar/concrete, (where have all the materials/bricks/wood come from to make all of these houses/black sticky hard roads anyway?!) we eat everything out of unnatural shiny packets, the supermarkets look so fake/shiny and the same, etc, everyone knows the rainforests are being chopped down and that we cannot do anything because we do not stand up for them enough or have enough gratitude for them and savour every mouthful as we eat and take note of every piece of paper that we use) but the more we research, the higher we can vibrate at, and the easier it is to 'see through 'truth goggles''

In school the first media studies lesson I had was topiced "the media is a construction" and yet people just don't get it, by high school, it's too late,
people think/blame puberty and their hormones turn them from being little innocent kids to being like other kids on their smartphones and listening to heavier music but it is really because you are further down the doom line as you pick up more bad energy that messes up your brain/mind. Linking back to the video above, the longer you have lived, the more TV you have watched, the darker the shows become, the more "desensitized" you become, the less innocent you become, meaning they have successfully poisoned you with their negative energy.

With a little bit more of the, or a little bit closer to the truth, Charlye/icem

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