Saturday, 26 March 2016

Post 5 - Self improvement and a few random other additions

I posted on my personal Fb something like: Can you think of positive word to call a beginner/noob? Apart from newbie, other words are like amateur, that look down on starters. Someone came up with budding flower, and I appreciated that answer <3
When you think of a fresh beginning, it can be looked as a haul, a long boring to come, and we look up to the 'better' people who are more practiced without looking at natural abilities or our potential or what we are already good at. If you're new to something, think of the possibilities and look at role models as examples of potential rather than people to idolise/be jealous of, you have your own beautiful path and you are already something to be proud of <3

Instead of pride though, I must mention I have something called "happy-grat" which can feel less negative, where you just feel happiness and gratitude, realising that in order for you to do everything/'your' achievements, there are other people required, such as other people, your life/brain/physical objects etc that seem to be the real reason for anything. It's one of the reasons why I am a vegan eater, because I do not think anything should be 'worth' sacrificing or bred to be used/hurt for my own consumption:
What (would happen) if the world went vegetarian:
(just about) 101 reasons to be vegan:
Earthlings movie:
Hopefully you'll be a newbie to veganism after watching the above videos, please do give it a go, although I am totally the 'unhealthy vegan' that puts biscuits on the bottom part of that food pyramid on the 101 reasons video :P

Something also that I recommend for rehabilitation is looking at GMB (goldmedalbodies) and and because they have useful information for improving your exercise routine or inspiring you to open the door, look outside, and make a maƱana job. I hope that anyone reading this will have much better health as one of their long term goals after reading this post! I wish you the best of health~

Love Yourself Beautiful scene from Luc Besson's movie Angel

If you're not feeling totally positive/confident, watch this: The Biggest Disease Affecting Humanity “I’m not enough"

To finish off, here's some 'bad things'

- Tell me why:
And remember it's potentially not even his native language! Stunning!

- Evidence we just go with the flow and do not really know why the Earth is in poor conditions: The Great Global Warming Swindle Full Movie

By the way, feel free to take any of the photos/links/info, credit is appreciated ;)
With love from icem ^_^

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