Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Post 2 - Free yourself, so that you can find happiness!

We can learn all the facts but if we are in a mind controlled society, with politicians that clearly say b**ls**t to cover up what really goes on behind the scenes? How can we change anything? We first have to be intelligent,working with the system:

We have to transcend the situation with our intelligence, outsmarting them, being unaffected as we fight, knowing we are doing the right thing. They do not expect someone intelligent to stand up for themselves

Motivate yourself to fight back! Have motivation! Stop looking down at your mobile and look around at all the other zombies If everyone got together and knew the truths and took action, then something would physically change! But we are stuck because this is not expected, we have been dumbed down by these companies, they are evil and wish to use us and this planet:

Stop living through the lie that they persuade us collectively to live. For example, money is a tool of power. You have to ask: why did the people at the top really make it? Did these people have good intentions? Can you even... transcend money?!

Everybody say NO:

Chase your dreams: I quit school and I listen to this song when I have a flicker of doubt.
Another reason/s why I quit school:
Why I hate school but love education:

On the subject of dreams, would you love to know the secret to happiness?! For free! My honest best advice because I wish to genuinely help you:

We look externally for happiness, chasing it in the ways which we have been taught/programmed to believe we can find it, through holidays/takeaways/movies, but these are all things outside of ourselves. We can't be this hollow anymore, searching for material things. Happiness can be found anywhere, it is really true! Basically, happiness is a choice, we can choose to smile, look forwards, and fill ourselves with love, thinking of positive memories, and staying positive.

Because what is an effective way to deal with a bully? To show that you are unaffected and filled with love, though smiling, showing that no matter what they throw, you are bulletproof, and telling them thank you, that they are beautiful. If someone spits h8 remember to say "I love you" to 'stupify' the frendamie:

By being in resonance with love and forgiving everything/one that you went through in the past to let go of all that negativity, you can then move on into being a better you.Why carry around a heavy emotional rucksack? Do not suppress your emotions anymore, be sure to try to express yourself correctly. See how much society has shaped you, and you will see that if you lived on an alien planet, you could live and act completely differently!!

Okay back to the 'real world', my method is spending a small amount of time to jot down what you hate / what made you sad (eg a bully teacher / the parts of the system that screwed you eg someone stole from you/ sad memories such as loosing someone/something) and then have a few minutes to express it, to lift suppressed memories, cry, write a letter that you wanted, say aloud the things you wanted to tell to their face as if they are standing in front of you. Let it go, shread the paper if you wrote anything down, then move on to the next thing on the list or do something else for 15 minutes to see how you feel, if the weight has been lifted off of your shoulders. If not, keep repeating up-to 10 times and see how you feel then ;) Simple, yet effective.

How can I be kind in a world that keeps stabbing people in the back?

Being kind/nice/'goody-goody' isn't what the guys at the top want, it seems silly, but there are many things such as for example, a homeless person not being offered a house but someone due into court being eligible for a free house until they get fully sentenced. Yes, they get it put against their name, but things get darker and I wish to explain that in further detail in later post/s. The answer is just to be bulletproof, Don't let sadness affect you, stop feeling sorry for yourself (and craving sadness because you know in the long term hate begets hate,) love makes love, love like it's the first time (note music artists have tried to spread this message but for popularity / to get it to the charts they had to put it with a sexual connotation) breathe in, make love inside of yourself, and give it, keeping hope that it would be given back, (being aware of where you place your trust so you don't get screwed by people with bad intentions though) and see what comes back to you
I know that my methods only work if many people listen, if they are open-minded enough to try this, spread kind ideas with persistence, to make the differences, but we are all together, there has to be real life changes in all of the real people on Earth in order for it to actually happen, to actually change the world and make it a better place in all aspects.
“Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier. Be the living expression of God's kindness” Mother Teresa

With love <3 Charlye/icem

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