Sunday, 27 March 2016

Post 6 - Positive news!


International Women’s Day 

The electric rise and
fall of Nikola Tesla news/world/middle-east/isis-yazidi-sex-slaves-take-up-arms-for-mosul-fight-to-bring-our-women-home-a6865056.html

Sustainable Lamps Powered by Algae:

<-- This African craftsman is so talented at recycling old tires into shoes that he will even measure your feet and make a pair that fits your feet exactly, to the millimeter.

Insert awesome music here:

"Spaces trapped in lies, moments without truth

This generation has waited for light in silence (with your choice)
Cause we are humanoids (Are we awakened? Does the answer change?)"
TVXQ Humanoids - (take note of the lyrics!!!)

"You’re in a spell, You’ve fallen deep, into the swamp of my charms, Now softly come to me, Come to me, baby"

Crayon Pop FM -

"It's the freedom, You got to grab, if you don't take it down, Freedom power! Show your ability, you got no doubt! United power, Together as we’ll may take control, You better wake up! Get ready be a second to none"

Power EXO -

"Tonight I’m gonna rock this place, Shake it to the ground now, Wanna feel that 808"

Innerforce Lightsaber -

"you know that if you live in your imagination, tomorrow you'll be everybody's facination"

Make it shine -

"You can dance like Beyoncé, You can shake like Shakira, 'Cause you're brave, yeah, you're fearless, And you're beautiful, you're beautiful"

Brave Honest Beautiful

"fantasy is not a crime, find your Castle in the Sky"

"Star filled sky, under it I will fly, my life is a beauty" ".....everybody's gonna see it soon"

But I also made a YouTube playlist with many tracks that I like, mainly kpop/nightcore

I find a lot of the subliminals/(of the bad power) rebel messages come from k-pop like in Humanoids (above) where to the people who can pick it out, they find it very obvious. But they are there and have been for years, many people have been awake for years, but they are discriminated against or hurt if they show/present their thoughts/findings. However people are waking up, more are speaking out, and the events to come in 2016 make it safer for me to post this stuff, the bad guys are dying off, making it safer to speak up.

Also I had a fit after watching the remake of Spiderman in the cinema because it is about a guy who messes with reptile DNA and inserts it into himself and becomes an evil reptile but of course it went wrong and the hero saves the day (who looks a bit like an Alien, don't you think? Sorry for ruining Spiderman for you!!!) There are many movies that have these kind of messages if you look for them.

Have a beautiful day, "saram molla" my life is a beauty~


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