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Post 57 - An inspiring realistic and optimistic conversation

Send this to someone such as a child that you wish to be less lazy? The following jumps from one thing to the next but the paragraphs are a string of advice on what to do.
Here's my casual talk to someone to try to inspire them to 'reach out reach up' in their life:

I passed the highest levels in both ice dance and figure skating. I was going for the elite rink but my parents divorced and moved so my mum did not take me any more but I still wanted to go.

Skating inspires and impacts me to be strong and flexible, ice skating requires huge agility and feels Angelic since the ice is a Heavenous White to glide and spin upon.

And if you personally decide that you would like to go, you can wear knee pads if you want to, but my tip of the day for you is, to only think of uprightness, and you will be able to stay upright.

Anyway let's get into this, now you know what I used to like. Because of school sadness, I used to cry all the time when I was younger.
What helped me out was:
- Finding Passion.
To be interested genuinely in the subjects, and curious about what they hold, to eat up knowledge like it is chocolate cake.

How can YOU find passion? Search on the internet "things to do in 'my city' recreational activities sport leisure fitness". Find other things that you like, search it up on maps app or get some other way to see where's your most local place.

Local 'Visitor Attractions' might hold the key to happiness. Take strolls to the local park regularly, if you have the energy, if it's too cold/falling-from-the-sky, go somewhere that has indoor activities.

If you struggle with waking up, keep the same routine but just sleep more in the morning (till nine o'clock is plenty! Go to sleep before 9:45pm. No excuse) to keep as much the same as possible. Take deep breaths for 30 seconds before sleeping?

You're bored because you have the attitude that life is boring. You think that to do anything existing, will hurt or make you bored. That's not true. You need to find your passions whilst you're young so you get experience by the time you're older.
Can you go out and do many different things each weekend? Use time wisely.

How can oneself do this? You think of what you are doing physically right now, and, what your future is. You question it and probably realise that you really don't know and want to do something about that. Then you get unstuck as the final goal.

As well, visually mentalise:
| this way is the day time way
----- this way is night time way
Please stop sleeping in the day!

Why do you? Are you bored? That means you are boring! Similar words, bored, and, boring. You've got to get to the next, accelerate! Please just do everything straight and go as fast as possible. It's much better!

Why is it important and not boring to find your passions or get some hobbies or practice talents as a serious subject whilst you're a child? Because with school, you think you are tired and have no time but infact adults have to work too! Some adults take on two-five jobs and have no time on their hands for fun.

Right now, you have the weekend. There's no excuse! You have a little thinking space when you daydream between lessons, about what you want to be and do. So stop complaining, by being a sleeping rebel, and be awake with excitement in the mornings for your passions because you love to be alive because you found what you really want to do, your heart's desire!
If you moan and complain, it's not fun. It's not like a child. You just complain! Can't you try to have 'a no complaints day'? This is about you, only you.

I need to prove to you that there are many things in the world, that you can do, if you shifted your butt. It's good to be adventurous, and the thing is, you need to prioritise better, to fufill the destiny of gaining a route that includes adventue and excite. Please do not moan about life.

If you complete tasks, life is easier, please please know why! Then you may do lots of better things. "Get all things over with" as a priority and motto.

But when you lay in bed, and you just moan, it's pitiful. There's no true life there. Please be ambitious to something interesting, by having exploration if many topics! That is what interesting people do.

I am not saying that you are bad, for sure, I want to push you. I will try to push you to be better.
By the way, you don't impress and you can't inspire me, when you do not get out of bed in the morning. It's talentless.

"What do you get out of bed for on the weekend mornings?"
A- I sleep like an unconscious zombie
B - That not it, I'm bright, I make fitness goals and I exercise. I'm the good student. I have high morals that take me to the next.

Which one do you want you to be? Why do you not have ideals like this?
You moan because you're a complainer. I'm going to hit your ego there. Push a little harder. I'm just caring for you with this advise. See smartly.

Replace the word excuse, with reason. Reason means meaningful. Excuse means lie to procrastinate.
You can't half heartedly live your life, when your body is a whole or full one being vessel! You will see the whole value of life's living.

To say, I wish money wasn't involved. I would be able to aim higher?? That's a limited mindset. To aspire to do the same thing whether money is taken from someone else's hands or not, think thought, exactly how can I do that...?

How can you know what to do? Try everything you can, search a lot for things, and love them within, really feel within how you feel about everything to make decisions on what feel you, what you like, and that will help to guide you to knowing what you want to do. How about seeing the sports centre's timetable, then go take a look around, literally ask for a tour at their reception, for someone to take you around the facilities to have a look.

Do you play an instrument? Can you afford lessons? There are many good Asian kids at them. Maybe there is a subtopic to a subject you'd enjoy to study, with music it could be as ridiculous as 'geometry into music' or learning about how 'each note or key goes up with a 90 degree angle, it's not about the number ninety, but the quarter turn-like shape/angle/lines/surface of change by direction (it's complicated, thinking not generally taught in school)' - something unususal is really fine, all good.

Don't let your hobbies get generic and effortless, challenge the brain and body for something new. Variate piano pieces and have lots of new ones at hand to try too, for when you get the motivation for playing piano. If you are training at a sport, get some theory down, learn about body physics or atonomy or tips and skills online or in books.

Question: What do you want to be when your older? And what did you previously think about being, if your ideal work idea changed? Why was that?

There is more, higher, and aim for the next! To have higher traits. Because, who are you? Who will you be? A good, kind, productive person? Have you ever had the pressure 'don't let yourself down'? English children get that from the higher teachers, especially if someone behaves bad. It means, 'please aspire to be better, remember how sucky you are, in comparison to the higher abilitied people, you are not the best, or close, and that makes you bad and like rubbish or wasting life and not good enough!' Refer to Chinese althletes and super abilitied ones.

You can't do nothing. You have not the question to find your existence! Isn't it pointless of your self, letting yourself down, to be doing nothing at all? Please, do your life expansion and self empowerment studies diligiently. Then 'if you are doing not one thing, there'll be something else.' It always works out like that, doesn't it? You've got to learn this type of self-responsibility for yourself - to be dilligent.

Give yourself a timetable and be time wise if needs be. STICK TO IT. Caps lock has reason!
I really hope so far, you see big sister is just trying to look after you and eventually motivate you forwards.

You are lazy, like a zombie. Be productive. Always ask yourself, what should I do? What should I be doing right now? Think that I will always move.
Straighten up a bit. Be faster. Take everything with full control and grab what's infront of you by the hands. Go for it!
Do NOT lock your door!
My message now is that you are fixable. To be neater. To be sweeter rather that sour.

Do everything that you can in your life to improve it. What is wasted time? When you get to the age of 50 and realise that you never climbed a mountain and swam the sea.

You need more hobbies. Talents are inspiring. Ambition comes from passtime activities.
There is a key word called "initiative". Please research it. It is like having will power.
Not having it makes you look like a zombie idiot.

Please first online search about initiative, reads the links that come up for the question "how to gain initiative".

It's a perspective. Maybe your described "laziness" isn't being lazy, the aspect is being slower. Getting things done, each task one after the other efficiently. Like an early waker that does lots of tasks before 8am. That's why I requested you read articles about taking initiative, for the purpose of knowing *only you* are the person that moves you, on a path of the best, to the best... ¿¿

I do not like forceful things. I travelled abroad for perusing my dream of an easier life. I look at careers for the future in my spare time. Also know that to you the reader I am your friend, I am on your side. Know that everything I send is purely because I care about you and love you and want the best things to happen.
I act upon behaviour, because of trying to improve things, that's all. "Start, Go," when you're ready.

... I am asking that, you get your own thought, to do and persue a hobby, with passion. If you don't want to study more, do your own research project instead. Try building something. It would be ideal to be very good at a sport, for college, or, pass all the levels in a grading system for something.
Do you have any more ambitions for something you already do? There could be some opportunities. But if it is hard to search, little can be found. So find where/how it's easy to search since it will exist.
If you're a talented musician, go find and practice another instument. There's going to be a kid or two applying to college saying they play three or four instruments very well, with certificates too.

My personal suggestion. would be to join some type of fitness activity so that your health is upkept at the same time. Some people say you can never have too much exercise. The classroom is sadly a place to sit down for long durations of time. It's good to learn about how to stay fit. So do you like this idea?

And as for what you can do, have you actually passed qualifications for it, or do you only play/do it very well? It is not egoistic to have official proof that you can do something, you would immediately have evidence, for showing others, that is, evidence of capability, because it's just demining yourself and giving a loose version of yourself if you do not show on paper to an institute, if applying, your best abilities, rather than just saying like, 'I can play piano and I like it'. It's Not too early (or too late!) to do this.

You should watch videos, online videos of talent, I wonder if you've ever watched professional skating? To watch small clips on your phone, it's the one time where I will approve it. You could search some names like:
Yuna Kim korean
Yuzuyu Hanyu Japanese
Chen Lu Chinese

Look up things like: kung fu, acro gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics, singer wows audience, parkour.
You will probably get suitable 'suggestions' on the sidebar for those to continue watching inspiration.

Join a club?

Whilst I'm talking about better use of your phone, that you should ideally only use for either
- emergency calls
- your education
if you know what's good for you.
What did kids do 10 years ago before having personal phones? What did they do 100, 1000, or even 10,000 years ago..? Play and have fun!

It is good to get an application for the phone that challenges quick maths. Every day, when you wake up play on it for 2 to 5 minutes!
I'm saying it because research said that it helped increase brain activity. About 10 years ago there was a Japanese man that made a handheld game for it, a book too, called "brain training". Both were very highly successful, selling millions of copies. I bought them.

There are applications for the phone for flashcards. I loved learning Spanish words that way. Eating breakfast before school every day, I attempted to learn 15 new words. That's me being a good girl. Now get smart and be a little goody two shoes.

Your smart phone is an opportunity for gathering information. When I use my phone, I look up sites of institutes I could work at, then aspire to go there.
Another thing might be to learn another subject of your enjoyment, as a pass time. There are some great educational websites on the internet that the creators of the site really hope that you will stumble across them.
The internet can be used for research. You get an idea and develop it, then you supplement your ideas through other's research posted to the sites.
You can use the internet to inspire you. You can watch videos of martial arts or gymnastics competitions.
It can also be used for instruction if you don't know how to make something. How to bake a cake; How to fry a pancake. How to look after a plant.

If stretching or yoga or sport is not it for you, maybe you could attempt: Caligraphy, Weaving, Dancing, Chess, Singing, Tai chi, Philosophy, painting, study medicine, volunteer work (helping out old people or working with animal rescue hospitals)
There will be things you can think of.

A problem in the world is there are sometimes dumb people who get on TV or hit the spotlight, whilst the intellgent ones hide away and won't hit, a potential! So if you feel like you happen to have something, show me something! A best student, a young bright girl, someone taking the lead...

On another, if you're ever wanting to argue, speak softly, respectively, politely, for the older authoritive. If you are intelligent, win by knowledge and logic, not shouting! If someone spits in your face, be the better person, just listen it out. To over talk is to be friendly. If it's your mom/dad they are probably only trying to be like a friendly parent. You need to find a way to get them to listen to you, not to just forcefully shout. Remember you are the future generation! You're smarter than them.

But remember too that you share traits with them, you're partially the sharing of half their DNAs. And love, what does love do?
eg to say "I'm listening to you. Thank you for your patience, knowing I do not know the situation. I think emotion is the most important guide. I am a feeler."

When you don't wake up on the morning immediately when you are asked, you create a situation of pull and tug. If you push against us, there will just be a worse force against it. Please therefore go with the flow. Flow is normally spoken about in Chinese philosophy, but I am just trying to say that instead of fighting against us, please abide by the rules. If we are telling you the time to get up is at 9, this is when it is going to be. Do you want us to start at 8am to see if that encourages earlier awakening? I do not think you want that. It is just better to follow the timetable, okay?

I do not like it when I see you sitting there doing nothing. Then it is laziness. It is not meditation, that is different. You can't spend time 'doing nothing' because time is limited and it makes you look boring. If you were an interesting person, you'd be moving around, begging me for time for your passion, rather than me questioning your lack of movement. It's pitiful. There are many hard workers in this world. So tell me when you are going to start to do your own project? Hmm? I am waiting for your response!

The opposite of being 'lazy' might not be 'to be busy'. It is a type of productiveness. Not quite efficiency or effectiveness but it's similar. It's about getting tasks done. Many things, one after the other, in, amount, as many as you can handle with 'grip' over it. Finish like it is almost the next start.

I'm not saying that this thing that you like happens to be the thing that you want to do as your future job, all the time. I need you to understand that your self-love and hobbies are lacking evidence in your desire to move forwards and push yourself to do more for your future.

I want you to be less of a kid that has a very flat mind and just shallowly texts on her phone. I want you to be like a kid that loves drawing or singing and then waits till class ends so at break time, she draws or sings, instead of texts her friends. It's repetitive. It makes futuristic children appear depressive and boring. You can look at everything there is to like, and like it very much. Or, you can just do nothing.

Always, please wear presentable clothes. A presentable style involves not overwearing clothes, neither be casual or very smart but something that is fitting for your personality and ideally has a somewhat basic look to it. Change your underwear every day like your parents are watching you with that too!

I've got a tip for you, if you have some food on your clothing, use a kitchen sponge, wet the corner with the tap, then rub that on your clothing till it goes.

Also please open your window slightly. Please shower or bath regularly. This means to keep your room fresh.

Please use time wisely.
You have free time. It's your day off, you're not in school, or it's the weekend, or stop chewing gum face the teacher /straight after/ reading till the end?

How can oneself "use time wisely"? Apart from driven power in and out from your 'initiative' - You think of what you are doing physically right now, and, what your future is. You question it and probably realise that you really don't know and want to do something about that. Then you get unstuck at the final goal.

So when I am in this present now, do I have any suggestions of what to think? Yes, you chase,
what you like,
and also,
what you need to do.
You try to make work out what you found to like, and, what you figured you are needing to do as work job for money, and place them in the same box. Then you 'explore your passion'. It gives the opportunity, because, other people do what they are forced to do, without considering what they really actually want to do (thinking about it and making it very significant).

Don't loose yourself. Who is a person?

It's possible to live your love, and that is kindness on the self. Although because everyone has compromise, your situation might not be the most ideal. So you fight for or put force into pushing or ushering yourself into what you love.

My personal story is, I wanted to go to Asia. I was about to go to university but felt that education in this way would compromise a significant amount of my time, since I want to not study what other people do or what they have done (this is explaining what is called 'research') but what I me myself will do! I therefore left that university offer, for hopefully even better, my spiritual path for my ambition of making the world a better place.

What am I going to do? I just want to gently help others and discover. So then I make my contribution to try to help you become successful, and for me to have more spare time to really think of what I am going to do in this world. I spend my freetime searching and doing what I can do.

Everyone is of course unique. And what good things will you do? You can let the thought sit for a while. Until you get inspired by something that catches your eye. Or, you think genius. Then let me know! Nothing is crazy :)

I thought that: CARE is a very significant thing!
looking after,
being in a concerned state,
in concern,
taking into account,
all should be through a lense that makes doing care a huge priority!

I love you.

And today is like everyday, today is a 'no complaints day'!

From, not quite a mother but a part time childcarer.
Icem Blue.

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