Sunday, 18 March 2018

Post 56 - What do you...?

Disclaimer, many are focused on money, and I do not have the focus of 'get money', the unspoken goal of 'I must become richer'. I tell you very clearly, Why, by the end of this! Please read it like you're decoding what I would like to say, by reading slowly or tentitively, especially towards the middle to the end, let it sink in, if you want results
 (ง •̀_•́)ง . ٩( 'ω' )و :


I had home problems (I did not want to put up with threats) and as soon as I could, when I was 17, I ran away from home. I got my own place at 18, and I ended up travelling to Poland and after, China to support myself!

I learnt something I'm going to share here, from the detrimental loss of not having truly supportive family, or the struggle of not working even 3.60 pounds an hour (apprentiship UK minimum wage) spare money to splash to improve my wellbeing...

(it's a long read, but I promise it's worth it, if this does not change your life, please leave a comment!)

"The thing world" is vitally important, or you'll be told, by the world if not yourself, that you have nothing. No Inner that monks may speak of meditatively, no humour that you can make anyone crack up with, no flexibility agility to litterally bend over backwards, no, that's not good enough! Wow, it's just dramatic and demining. What did I do wrong?... Nothing. What is the thing world, then?! Tell me now! It is the providers: Money, family, or (at a tight squeeze) good friends.

That's how you get a roof over your head at night, and food in the morning. We know it, tough tight world? What or who are the 'good-to-you-givers'? Without them, are you indeed, nothing....? (If you're in the wasteless product, you see it's so constructed, there is nothing.) You're either a supplier or a runner outer here, a limited circulation of power, told to be YOUR existence. Read on to find the solution, if you're moved.

When stuck/in lack, here's the gameplay, you can't Buy deep friends with the money aspect, and you can't get family by money too, that's, if you have it, the limited resource. You can ask friends for help, (make some 'ties of providing' if you made insurance) but it's kinda awkward because this whole thing means that you don't really have anything beyond the limits of this human world (limited creation, inner box, do you get it?). They are all In This Trap!

You could have money, participating in the environmental ruin of Planet Earth, beautiful delicate Mother Nature, but this is tied to happiness limit (a security, a high to reach with the many 'possibilities' for happiness only abnormally hit) which brings the opposite, no happiness (work is "using my drab non-life to chase")

Going back to the whole packed thought of 'irreplaceable is better', whilst going to gain money too, is that a great height of capability / using life wisely, what does that provide? (Is this really a sign of self-power, to have, such as showing that you have the capability to gain?)
The opposites, sadnesses, happinesses, is there choice? It's made so that it's answered by plain 'No', it's a *Mind deep game*!

What shall we do with our lives to make value and find the gold of "worth living"? From another perspective, spiritualists say that your life mission is to 'find out what you're wastefully spewing out, to gain immortality (to fix, to ascend)' and we Must start our own 'beauty out' in order to save the planet (and the future generations, 30 years left does not include our children's lives here!) (cough, we were just talking about, saving our minds and ourselves, too?!)

We have to change so that we are not just living to harm it, to eat/sleep/work, being just a consumer, 'eating' plastic products by 'consumption'.

To be a "liver"-upper of absolutely magical potential, not being a 'dot' here in the cradle of mother Earth, is to be someone in the supportive world, provides sufficient shelter and sustainable foods (sustaining you And the environment) Why does this seem off tangent? It's not.

Y'know, do you feel like a Really expensive bottle of champagne that's being continually pouring down the sink and making it overflow ...?

You've not been treating yourself wisely, using life to it's best (improving, good, better, excellent,) look in the mirror and tell yourself confidently that You're beautiful and successful, and those who can do that, will wonder why everone else is not doing so! Can you take this mind?

You have to do cool things with your life. And also use your mind, finding wiseness is value, and the wise think, to where philosophy becomes the new or daybyday thought. Start thinking more often, learn to think. (Please take that away from this!)

If you're really 'flying cool', you are not /bored/, as you probably normally moan. That's about being with the attitude that life is /boring/, like to do anything existing, will hurt or make or turn you /bored/ (to relate to you, it's understood)! And, that's not true. I'm talking about the how of "acceptance closes the heart" (not the good type of openminded accepting/allowing, only specificly the turn down or turn away from desires and LOVE!) Can you just stop accepting? And whilst I'm at it, stop compromising. You're a full being, living like you /are/ half, therefore you can /be/ half, No! Enough! Have Love! Change!

You need to find your facinating passions/get very interesting unusual hobbies/look to practicing sophisticated practical(worth it) talents, so you gain experience for later on, if you're a child unsure what to do by 18, or an adult of 40, by equation of 80 - 40, you still have half your life left according to your life expectancy! Wow, that's indeed a long time to groan 'I'm too old to start Any Thing, at all.

So you can go out at weekends or whenever your free days / time is/are (you're free practically all the time, or not thinking between work need? Well lucky you!)
How often do you take initiative for your actions? To hop to, to jump brightly, to be trampoline-footed?

The park is an open area and a free resource to exercise and get some space. Feel free to move your arms or lunge as you walk since it's friendly, not embarrassing at all. The library is also a wonderful place to visit for sourcing information and reading for fun, you can study many subjects, by reading the many subject books there, with "the love to learn new things"!

What I wanted the point to be here though is: YOU HAVE FREE TIME
(read my previous blog post 54 on bluecharlye if you Still- did not believe that-!)

Replace the word 'excuse' with "reason". Reason means >meaningful<, excuse means 'lie to procrastinate', admit it harshly. To go not do something. A lie, that can be replaced with 'reason(s)' meaning, meaningful! Basically, you have to not find but become self initiative drive, without initiative to go forth, you miss out on opportunities.
There's no excuse.

Stop complaining by being a sleeping rebel, (to sleep in 'if there's free time') and Be Awake with excitement in the morning for your passions, because you Love to be ALIVE (have something to live for) because you found sonething you Really want to do, and your heart's desire!

In order to do whatever you want to, to be able to do actvities for your dreams or personal mind expansion.

You can't half heartedly live your life, when your body is a whole or full one being vessel!
Let's rephrase all that - Don't live half heartedly. It's a whole lot more worth living if you live like you have a whole body. You find happiness, and also, see full value in life's living.

Please then see the full _value_ in life's living. I bet, if you're not looking for 'how to be happy' as an end fufillment, you're wanting value in life, questioning the rubixcube-like riddle 'what is truly valueable?' You find value, you litterally be valueable. And never demining happiness, you find happiness, you litterally be happy.

If you're still kinda uninspired by all this, I bet you're 'sucky' and weak to the self, doesn't quite get "self-empowerment". Please search it up. Watch videos, don't read cheesy life books, the simple/practical/modern but spiritual stuff probably does it.

Please look to find, search, reach, look around the world, very resourcefully, rather than letting everything come TO you. No-one likes queuing, but that's like Waiting! It's ridiculous, like my wishes of everyone queuing up for something, whether it's a sandwich at a shop or funfair ride was Thinking, that's a resourceful way of using time wisely... There's soo much in the world that if you can't FIND anything, even if your training means that you book a 30 day martial arts course in China (it's possible to search this online), it's just too crazy to call...

If you think there's nothing to do around, but Really find to know what is in the local area you'll get shocked by 'the kung fu / tai chi center down the road, the swimming pool next to or hiding just behind the shop, and the sports center that holds suitable weekly trampolining lessons or open sessions with only a 10 minutes drive!'

If you're not sure what a sport is like, go ask if you can watch it by getting a timetable beforehand, by walking or just going to the place, or if that's really inconvenient, by texting/phoning them up, and if you still don't know what something's about (like wing chun) internet video search what it is.

Oh and if you're a parent, please lovingly listen to your kids too, take them to ballet dance classes or something. Responsibility that they grow strong and honourable, and not into ignorant arrogant little big things that the ununique child is turning into these days, but through 'strict Love' not 'forceful unthoughtful uncare'. Love your children, your offspring, make lots of proud acchievements possible for them, as well as being able to listen to what they dislike or want to do when needed.

Anyway, as for the leisure activites, try them out, hold them within you, really feel within how you feel about them, since you're trying to find YourSelf (by, during meditative relaxation, letting all these options stir/process/speak or spark new thoughts) to make life decisions based on your thoughts of thinking.
What feels you, and what you like, that, will help guide you to knowing what you want to do (keep searching, finding, expanding).

And to pressure you, there are just way too many professional acts, soo many if you search: gymnastics, got talent act, ice skating, ballet, there are just way too many good people in the world, even, that can 'throw knives accurately' or stunt perform like a maniac, or the many crowd that can and have ability to backflip. The problem is the 'how to' videos are made by suckers that only give half their and little and only 'free' advice. >You have to do this on your own. >What Will You Show Them?!

... breathe~

Let me tell you this
- There is a miracle called "unlimited willpower" !
- The thing is, people who REALLY want something: WORK HARD FOR IT. (and if you really want something too, you'll always find a way to do it, since the pull of motivation is strong!)
- A quote you should figure out how to go by: "if you're not willing to die for your passion/lifegoal, you are not fit to live".

Trust me, you move your own body. You own it. Your mind is your own, not someone else's. By your own, I mean you've absolutely got to do the leg work of getting yourself better things. Legs are symbolicly something of structure and the power of strengh to lift and fall you to the place of optimal being.

So what is honestly your /HEART/ or life goal[S], life's mission? Battleproof to undefeatable, here's another quote to fill that: "sweat more during training, bleed less during battle". Have/Find out, what is unconditional bravery.

We have sometimes been told to 'reach for our dreams', or asked 'what do you aspire to be?' and if you take an early mid-life crisis (wondering what the insanity you're doing on this Earth!) you disregard these questions, with a slump from your confidence, and think it would be just impossible to have a bright aspiration, in a normal world, by a normal person, the 'change is impossible' or the opposite thought 'I have to do something with my life, before I die..!'

Let's have this dilemma placed in another way. Money can't buy hapiness, but what can grab, pull, bring all that happy and good stuff into appearence before me?

And here's the deal: If money wasn't involved, would you aim for a higher career? (And redefine career as what you progressively are doing with your highest life, not just the drag of the time line you 'ride the wave on' since you glued yourself to your degree or qualification in fear this whole time that you can't do anything different because of your current Knowing, that is, your system of thinking, that is not turning "doing" into "ways", "moving" into "methods"...

Infact, I'll give you a little one of my top jewels, replace your vocabulary word of 'potential' to 'method'. Instead of having a potential, method will move you. Feel the shift? It's more grounded.

Maybe, this is still a limited mindset to think, 'would I aim for something higher From My and Self, "I" that is in total "me" without any disregard(!), if money was not involved/existed/invented into my life?!

I want to aspire and also have ambition to do the same thing whether money is taken from someone else's hands or not. Sorry, I was talking from the viewpoint or mindset that I should create my own resource (instead of 'working for someone else, or unavoidably if unsustainably sourcing goods, damaging the environment directly by creating material products.) Okay - whether I'm getting paid by someone else, or 'dancing on my own' (not sadly feeling sorry, but strongly optimisticly having my own guts to amazingly and professionally do my own thing.)

How can I do that?
{Your turn, create a list of what you'd like to do, the task being "to find sone type of money income, that you would enjoy enough to do, that does not compromise yourself or your happiness, or 'self discovery of the world' (for example, to be a security guard for the defense training, a pilot to fly to other places, a trainer to help others, a facility opener if you have the money to run that and a very skillful business plan!)}
Do your own thing, from you.
It's off note, besides that, the aim is please, "to purely love yourself, and love others too", That's 'love yourself, love everyone and everything always'. And a song lyric that really inspired me was 'instead of knowledge it was consciousness that moved me', go study 'ki' and spiritual topics from many places, like Egypt, China, India, to see what I'm on about there.
Thanks soo much for reading, this better help you !


  1. I am inspired by "mindvalley", they have a youtube called "mindvalley academy" you can check out!

  2. "work", can have multiple definitions that create it's one and own 'picture' of what working is. You could say that it's the hard grind, and if it feels forced like you need to escape the work, then what is needed to be learnt is about leaving the work. However, that aside, if what you are feeling is a learning stage, then it IS the right thing to be doing, increasing your *knowing*. You can't give up on a career with wiseness if, you're still in a stage of learning from it (because you haven't got to the extremity of knowing that you could learn (growing, picking-up, exploring) that you could. Keep at it, and have Mind!