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Post 47 - Crop Circles

I wanted to try and persuade a friend or two that Aliens existed, and hopefully my friends would at least be positively influenced, I managed to gather somegood evidence, but sadly I felt it did not persuade them strongly enough from the comments where I had to continue to post strong evidence (maybe they just can't put it into their reality or have a belief wall that stops them from seeing to believing)

I asked on my fb on 7th June:
I have a genuine question, please comment:
What/who makes crop circles?
Just showing why ‪#‎ibelieveinaliens‬ in a logical/sane sense

Not sure that saying "crop circles exist ⇒ aliens exist" can be classed as either logical or sane.

I love your comment! But it is due to the fact that they include messages/languages which are coded/complex, and also the way that they are made (for example, fast appearance)
"The larger section of three rows, represents the formulas for the sugars a
nd bases in the nucleotides of DNA." Decoding crop circles:
on this video, someone claims to have 'reached out' and they delivered
There is more evidence, but crop circles is one of the big 'in your face' evidences. And also, if just ONE abduction story is true, it means they exist.

That circle in particular looks fairly easy to make with some rope and wooden planks. It's not big and it's all flattened. I think most of them are either art or practical jokes. 
What would their purpose be anyway. They are too small to be seen even f
rom a relatively small distance. There's no set pattern that can be interpreted as a language. I've seen one in real life. They are pretty to look at but that seems to be it.

Me:They are language, but it is light language, alien symbols which we do not (normally) read.
(some examples of symbols can be found in this video:)

Edit: Ayish (in the video) is claiming to be a real Arcturian (from our galaxy) 2 min+ on video is useful
They are made as signals/messages, for missions for example... Their activity on Earth, this is an example of it.
I believed that they would say: they can be seen, their technology is superior for reading/scanning and they are observant of changes.
Does this answer your question?

I just find it a little hard to swallow that a highly advanced culture, one that is capable of fast than light travel, wants to draw in the grass of a planet that is far inferior in terms of technology, despite us shooting out probes and radio signals to all areas of the universe. Also, to do this 'writing' they have to get through a ton of space debris and the fact that there isn't an inch of this planet that isn't monitored yet we do not have conclusive proof that an alien craft has been on this earth.

Me:It is not particularly inferior, it is still a form of communication.
Also, it is normally deliberate that there is not replies. Sometimes there are, but there are problems/threats, because why we do not know of them, is due to power not wishing us to
 know, 'they' can even threaten mass death, this planet is not the safest to be on... but then, you'd have to go into conspiracy theories to prove this.
It is possible to make your own contact, but they would only reply if you are very humble/showing deep respect/peaceful/have reason, as they do not wish to harm others.

Me @friend1:
What do /you/ think makes them? I'm guessing drunk people with some planks. But how can they make them with such complexity? How do they think of these complex designs, on paint?

You don't have to be drunk to make a crop circle! They are pieces of art - no different to a painting or drawing in that regard. There is even a book written by some people involved in creating them:

New evidence link, showing that they are more complicated than perhaps anticipated:

This particular circle comprised of more than 400 circles, perfectly aligned in a psychedelic swirl. The whole formation measured a mammoth 1500 feet across with the circles ranging in size from a few feet in diameter to more than 70 feet across! John Lundberg, who is a self-confessed crop circle hoaxer, said 'If this formation was man-made, allowing for time to get into and out of the field under cover of darkness, the construction time should be around four hours.'
'Given that there are 400 circles, some of which span 70ft, that would mean that one of these circles would need to be created every 30 seconds and that's not even allowing time for the surveying, purely for flattening.

The technology used can also be shown with the way the plants are:
There are some fake stories and I read for example that teenagers were found making a hoax one and had to pay the farmer compensation/payment for damage/s, but in conspiracy this is due to people in power throwing in some fake stories and then highlighting them to make them appear as the whole story.

Did I answer/persuade you well enough?

(no further replies)

Friend 3:
People make them.

Me: (best in 720p)
22 -35 sec
I came across this video just now and this is the closest thing to what I believe really happens (what it would look like)

I hope you find what I have put here interesting and persuasive! I certainly did so (to) myself.
- BlueCharlye / icem

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