Monday, 6 June 2016

Post 45 - Fairytales

"focuses on household responsibilities, play, work experience, mentoring, books and elective classes that the child is interested in."
Beautiful pictures on:

Recent News (June 2016)

Loved crop circle video:

I enjoyed the 10 min video on:


Because, you know, believing in fairy tales makes perfect sense:

a device that they say puts out fires with nothing but sound:

Imagine the potential of mind controlled products through this video:

New music: Jessica Fly:

Reminded me of the beauty of "Taeyeon i" I thought that a lot of the remixes/mashups took the prettiness out of the song, maybe I saw something different/soft in the song, but it remixes nicely with Fly
{{ / }}

Joke: At least 57% of the population accept that UFOs are real and are of extraterrestrial origin... the rest must be Trump followers/supporters. {I feel terrible at making up jokes but I hope you can see the sarcasm in this ;D}

Another fact about myself: I love/prefer drawing/writing white pen (or something that would show up clearly such as silver) on to black paper as opposed to white paper. There's something curious about it, for me.

^___^ as usual, with love, from icem ^___^

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