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Searching for freedom, the big ones,tell the leaders!

Open letter attempting to find help,

Don't you know what the quarantine is? The matrix. What is that? The grid. The circulation. Do you understand this?

My spiritual path is mixed in with the conspiracy realm, that's why I know a lot and the 'break out' mentioned was focusing on the spiritual AND theorist term of "waking up".

There is a somewhat new Black Eyed Peas song called 'ring the alarm' that mentions "open the third eye". Katy Perry has a song called "Chained to the Rhythm" suggesting people are like zombies and not in an aware state, called, 'awake'. I call for the revolution! I heard the DDDs that were placed by the high Galactics that get picked up by those that relate to them.

I would like to talk about 'the quarantine', 'the containment', the isolation and entrapment or encirclement the humans are in from free movement of travel and the truth confinement. Of being in a "limited zone" that serves 'the Cabal's game'. Do you understand, are you advanced enough? Because I'm searching for some specific help. I "do not wish to participate."

Please message me if you can possibly forward me to the right fraction or person -

I am looking to find a way to be in contact with the underground Atlanteans or The Agarthans. I am a benevolent, asking purely something for personal reason. Or Ancient Lyrans. It is with reason. Please, if you know any way, or anyone who has access to the official Agartha Network, please let me know them, and message me. I am a benevolent, asking purely something for personal reason. Maybe I need someone from the Galactic Federation.

I am requesting this because... Do you know of a breaking point, where you're so awakened and aware that everything is too unbearable for a 'spiritual height' that makes the environment too inapprropriate and unsuitable to live in? I litterally feel the feeling of being in a cage or rope tied up all the time. Due to my ability, I am at this point, where if I have to participate and do what everyone else is doing, it's of 'embarrasment'. I'm not a child of Earth school, wandering around lost, if this is just about being aware 'something is wrong' like the higher spiritual watch anticipate.

I'm an older soul, and I can't stand living here any longer, and I need to find contact with some comforting people that are stronger than the falsery, or good news, because my brain is squished, and hurts in this matrix, I don't feel like I have anything, I'm poor but I'm too scared to work, it's wrong, the spiritual heirarchy of higher beings being able to have more is not evident to me, rather it is like being a Forced Robot in a camp, (I can't go where I want, I can't say anything I like, it's irrelevant to ME, I feel lost here) and, I know I am not at "home".

My existence, as other humans in consumerism leads to and engages in environmental descruction, to a specific finite point, and whollisticly, this deeply saddens me. So I'm very serious, and I hope you can find someone who can help me! I have no support, and no friends. I am 20 years of age.

I break through knowledge in my mind. I am in pain because I know soo much that this place is 100% artificial and fake, designed on money focus, and does not support my spiritual bodies, to an extreme point where it cannot serve me any longer in most possible ways.

It is not fair. I have an ability that makes people appreciate flowers more and attune to the peaceful natural state of Earth. It means I feel used, when with interaction with the flocks of sheeple humans.

To the point, I understand, we are in *a limited area* of CONTAINMENT where the inner CIRCULATION, primarily money, to keep the mind trapped in greed or satisfaction, prevents the escapism realisation of reality that tells the opened awake 'people' that the malevolent forces keep them in a type of slavery where quote, "they do not care at all about you" but instead want to keep control and dumming down through 'time waste-use' of school, work, up to death.

Put explicitly, it requires individuals to think outside of the box, thinking and working out what is beyond this box deemed as the limited construct designed for you to indeed not know what is beyond it, for a way of how to know, due to the dumming down and realistic disconnect from non-physical communication. "Imagination locked in a cell".

For example, ET contact with 'the overview effect' openly taken about other planets and civilizations, understanding of their families and recoginition of their other social structure.

Or another Earth that is futuristicly recovered from environmental damage where people inimately have connection to wildlife, nature, and the Earthly vessel, having ability to be in natural communication, with the ability to multidimensionally see within the Earth, below the surface, due to innate connections, I'm deeming this as another way of living for the example. Explicitly questioning how we are supposed to live.

This is to explain that to be trapped here is very confusing for me and I'm forced to live with and 'communicate amongst' a less advanced civilization and format of Earth/homeland. I feel think and talk nothing like other humans yet I live among only millions other of them. Sharing knowledge and speaking ordinarily, I worry frequently of breaking the prime directive with this type of 'knowledge'. My potential abilities are beyond their mindset. I see music as depressing because the frequencies are designed to agitate plants and harm Earth (441Hz to 432Hz conspiracy theory), there are few good tracks. That's not sarcasm for oldies! Hahaha.

I want to 'break out of the circle' or 'cut the line' from this, without causing death to myself, because I'm sad and tired of it and too aware it's all happening, I feel like colours faded of a colourful person, from being trapped in it. ETs know all this wording according to my intuition! It's up to me, to find help. And I want my freedom! It exists, with the right people. "I do not wish to PARTICIPATE any longer in the luciferian experiment of being cut off from types of outer worlds". My contribution feels already fufilled.

There is possibly a place known with a nickname as "sanity"? If so, I wish to go to this area/city, please! I don't wish to waste anyone's time - I'm serious. I am expressing I wish to go into an entrance and I am looking for an escort.

What is Agartha? It refers to the whole inner area. It has a large city called "Shamballa". To a person that stares at the outer world map, the Agharthan place is just as big, the whole thing, if not much bigger, I should really say, since there are the multidimensional cities and undergrounds established 'cities', of multilevels, too.

From asking this type of help, you may have questions, please, let's clarify it, I wish to express even in minute detail if ever required, what may appear as a block to my request. I can't give up on this. I need you to really do a favour so I find what I need. (I also wished to show my knowledge in this letter/message, that I had 'figured out' issues I wish to be protected from).

> I do know that everyone else who is 'invited' gets telepathic received communication, but there's something really wrong about it. I can't do it, even though I'd have multiple ways of being able to receive "that type of information".

Actually, I found out that telepathicly, the code wording is 'cheesy chips' or 'chocolate house' to initiate free housing due to what could be termed as "spiritual enlightenment", but I really cannot recieve telepathy correctly, I'm still thinking but I'm stuck. But I do not need to be 'more grounded' because I am AWARE AND AWAKE to what is happening and I feel bigger than it. To continue is like being a slave robot to something I'm intelligent enough to beat/transcend.

The situation is that: If there is someone too advanced for the surface level, also telepathicly put as "illegal movement" that they request assistance from the higher beings/residence on the planet. This is what I'm doing. That's why I'm really serious and need you to "hold the line" until there's some action about this, even if you have no personal understanding of my request. I need the authorities to take this into hand, please. I need the authorities to take this into hand, please. Can you assist me? I am an ET hybridised person. I wish to be physically connected, to meet at one place. Please think about this, or get me to the right people?

From Charlotte Emily Melton.

(On the mobile view please press on the images to largen them So they become clear enough to read)

I am looking for the core of light. It is similar to 'home' but has a meaning of 'basics'. I do not have unconditional loving parents or any support. I fend for myself without work. I have an inner knowing that this could potentially be on Arcturus star. I do not have a ship that can take me. I want physical assistance.
Please physically come to me in the third dimension where I exist in reality. You must fight the suppressors that control me.


Am I more worried about the farm (slaughter/bleed) or the zoo (containment)? There is Nothing inside, There is Nothing outside, There is Nothing above, There is Nothing below, Heaven and Hell live in all of us. And I've been cast astray, a feral, I got marrooned (pulled away) on this ship (the planet Earth)!

All of life is to fear for life.
All lies is to fear for life < sheep.
All life is to fear for lies < me

I'm doing what is below slavery because it's soo forced because 'I'm too big' I feel the word is like "tracerected".

The dolphins are worried because I type too much like this and hands aren't fins. Wu shon tun kan-da
tail Collapsed/flopped has
"I don't want to move".

And I think I'm confused that 'where I'm from' is like a former self that isn't the now like 'where I live' but I find these two things are the same.
Can I be erased? No:
Situation - The ones that hide
Species - They are aware

Galactic legally, life should always give the opportunity for growth but this is harming and changing me too much because I'm in a place that is too 'crowded' and not "free as me".
I just want someone to caretake after me for a long time but that will never happen in the universe, there's always work conditions, but I can't do them, an amaranth to twist to a nasty flower and get stomped upon.
I can go/do whatever I want
But on this plane, I'm missing Basic points, the home and family part, it must be addressed in the Galactic COURT as something very serious and immediate.
Please go to the Galactic SCALE (bigger, the coral cluster) to understand.

Chinese horoscopes would say an Ox turned into a Rabbit.
I think I got adopted by a soldier merman but I'm... softer.

[The 4D body activates when you want to think beyond]a beam rises up from the crown 丷 ◇ ready.

Decimation(to a decimal in deprivation, goes to Zero Nothing providence or moves/actions) /decimacia: unfair > pessimistic > black [join the black parade] [lost soul ICEM]{sponsor me! Please~/~}

DDD learning - but the __don'thaves__ 'in'/here, catch up if you can't escape.
I really got my own, tried to get somewhere on my own, but I declared myself a lost soul because I can't fish lonely. Too far!!!! :'( :'(
There really is a limit area I'm trapped in. 囗
Pearls: I repair too much, I'm too big, sensitivities, hate humans.
"I know others are dangerous" if this continues when I'm around them, since they hate me allergic to my high pitched sweet voice, skipping, and fixed self, then it will rise up and trapped here pushed around by them I'M TERRIFIED OF THEM! Scareds**t. THEY ARE BROKEN LESSERS WITH MISSING BOXES.

There was really a massacre this bad and severe and an Angel this big and glorious, passionate hardwork.

"Xanadu" - The maze you get stuck in when you try to stop the dark or face them (So that's what the ICEM crisis is?) "Reality pessimistic"!

Nice things that are comfortable only showing the spite, injustice, and imbalance and immorals.

Getting out of one maze leads to endless deserts instead of the high grass the children find and run through the fields through torso high grass and look up at the sun and have an endless blissful feeling of Heaven and the Light, like it's the end, and keep running, boundless, no destination.

Heart want tells you where to go > it falls down with inceased heightbigger system, with depth yellow is forwardward and heart pathways are not ways but directions of travel.

(Shops and cafes, the paradise in sunshine, still too shallow, narrow minded for me)

abuse misuse abuse
Use (yooose, not yuis)
To be a user
So humanity are abusers of Earth and their peers/sidebys.
'Oh well'
'too bad'
'tough luck'
'it doesn't matter'

Scared is because of limited configuations
fear is falling through, not got levers
can switchback out of fear
depression is can't escape/escapism to higher realm
loneliness is can't find common/likeminded friends
you can think about yourself and get the rest.

> Do you know the analysis or enlightenment about '"nothing matters" (so do what you want confidence') or a limited circulation area where it's fake, or true worth being a thinking beyond mind, and knowing that there's undisclosed Extraterrestrial presence on Earth?

I want to find the right recipient, who has a type of psychic intelligence, for some specific help. To ask, I Expanded and need change, I'm search for being in a place where I'll be understood. I'm stuck. I have more value and worth than my living circumstances show, because the scale of my weight to carry is too hard for myself to carry alone, to ask me to improve, when I am striving to improve, is too much to ask...

So I trained myself up, and I see knowledge presented in mainstream songs, such as with the lyrics and music videos, the subliminals, I picked it up, and I can independently be an interpreter easily. The song's lyrics written have 'purpose'! I understood them, or heard something different, like messages, but deeper, for the mind to decode.

I know that there are people trying to fight in the heirarchy of business that are benevolent people with good intentions and they are working with the Extraterrestrials to try and bring peace (to the war planet), to correct another place in this Galaxy that they don't have the boarders or walls to, that humans have because, you have freedom to know more truth from the outside that others exist.

The higher beings understand, "I'm light collapsed". I wish to ask your assistance, you may have personal connections to star people such as from Sirius or the Pleiades, or the Agarthan Network, I'm looking for such.

I have a very broad, peculiar, and distinctive understanding of the cities that we live in. I am wise and have gained an insight that describes or explains how we go. I also come up, by my thought, unique inventive points about reality. I'm mildly psychic/telepathic. My nature is being a different thinker. My mind is a reality decoder.

On thought realms, the explorative outside ones that studied about Earth can see and recognise energetic fault where all is constructed to be correlated to below the heart space, or gets drained / waste cleanedout like the deceiving arcade slot machine sides, and although I try to 'keep up faith' (strong heart) I get weak by my quickening cycles of expanding and trying to figure it out but with a sure fail. It's easy to see it's unfair and very out of the beyond living...

I try to fight the lacking/malnutrition by consciousness but it's too difficult, do you get what I mean? I've expanded my field beyond the Galactic edge and that's still not enough to get me a mind that will place me in safety and basic needs providence.

The body's natural circadian rhythm runs at 3-4hertz but 5GIGAhertz wifi goes at potentially a few billion more causing strain/stress. Something like this harms into me, and is what drains away all the chances of me getting helped. I needed it taken to Galactic courts. "Lithium" I'm 'heathen' and scared in the abuse. (Stuck in Xanadu).

I know I'm not on my home planet. This wrong environment in the situation that I'm in only confuses and upsets me to my depth. I'm not comforted and all I do is search for the exit. It's distressing for me, I feel very lonely. How to get from "here" to "there", I can't make that step alone, it's quite too big a task.

If there's someone sufficiently knowledgable enough reading, please be brave and reply to me. I learnt a lot from it all, it trained me up a lot. I feel, I need to know more about it...
(Anyway, I can explain in more detail, if you understand the specific thing I'm trying to refer to.)

I hope you can give the assistance of bringing a connection to the outside people with beyond knowledge. That's why I'm here to contact you in case you know of such, so they can analyse/assess and help to resolve the circumstances with me.
I'm wondering if you are able to help me, please let the others see in case they know,

I wish to 'make contact' with Extraterrestrials, and request open communication.

I'm a 'psychic' being that got offcourse from benevolence and I need help- I'm looking for some specific help, and I would like to talk about 'the quarantine', 'the containment', the isolation and entrapment or encirclement the humans are in from free movement of travel and the truth confinement. Of being in a "limited zone" that serves 'the Cabal's game'. How their idea of 'setting up' an environment where there are black sticky roads and buildings we are just meant to drive around and round of every day, is barely an environment, lacking the natural greens that it should. I have the mind TO SEE IT and to FEEL IT, and I find, it's only a Mindset of low consciousness that can uphold this kind of matrix construction... That was planned deliberately by psychopathic Archons/Greys/Reptilians that hide underground. I'm not this, I know my higher inners for thought are litterally not for this purpose! Do you understand, are you advanced enough? Because I "do not wish to participate" and I'm wondering what the 'cut from the line' or 'exit the circle' options are.

The Hunger Games
An adrenaline rush picking off one another (fight or fight 'survival' inner). A blind survival system everyone's blindly/ignorantly/arogantly/selfishly is OK or abides by. A primitive fight over survival in entertainment. There are richer observers △. Monetarily - that is the problem! The greed fight between is owned by them but works all-too-well!
- We are all in a:
Hunger Games
Maze Runner
Matrix, A.
Because SURVIVAL isn't self-empowered living condition... I declare I am free!

I am requesting this because... Do you know of a breaking point, where you're so awakened and aware that everything is too unbearable for a (what they may call spiritual,) a 'spiritual height' that makes the environment too inappropriate and unsuitable to live in?

I litterally feel the feeling of being in a cage or rope tied up all the time. Due to my ability, I am at this point, where if I have to participate and do what everyone else is doing, it's of 'embarrasment'.
There's two ways embarrasment goes. Like integrity taken away.
The others are holding up and you feel shamed, not, you have something that got let down and the others saw, and, it's not that one, so I feel terrible! (ಥ_ಥ) Everyone is shameful, pitiful, I scorn those below the standards and disorted energeticly!
Wrong Environment!
Iiiiii wanted to say, I shouldn't have suffered this, I hope someone can take it/me away.
The more I see, the more scared I get, that's how I know, it's not me, but I'm not stupid, I'm in a lot of lack, it's not fair. My innocent weakness being my niceness creates a little bit of illusion that blocks or in depression numbs information not passing down my crown.

 I can think it out and it's too slow and silly for me to do. I'm fate trapped, without assistance. I'm not a child of Earth school, wandering around lost, if this is just about being aware 'something is wrong' like the higher spiritual watch anticipate. I feel a ghost in a repeat cycle too vigorous, and I feel unfit to be thrown in with a crowd I'm more advanced than. Can you see the details unfolding? I'm stuck in the conformity box rigid, and it's gone too far. But I'm soo confident and 'competent over' this that I'm free and floating no ties/strings/chords like balloon ropes.

Existence in a "symbiotic universe" is superior and reaches far deeper and permanently, and recognises full self as 'real', overlapping the wider spaced mindset also which could be termed/referred to as a very big open mind, rather than "survival", which refers to lack, compromise, and unmutual overtake that isn't the mutual overlap of the righteous and honest pathed.

Everything is conscious, everything's inside consciousness. "I am real, I am real!"
I am not real because I am rigid in slavery - I smile when I am frowning.

My threat is not survival *it is *containment!**
I am sad and shutting down, loosing _purpose._


More Telepathic Keyphrases:
"My 4D body has activated and expanded"
Heathen / Starboy / UniverseBeing / Loyal to the light.
"Symbiotic universe survival"
"Desert planet trapped"
"Time is centered" (without choice, for my Expanded soul/being/mywholeself, something is wrong)

Do you know what the dantian is? Telepathy and deeper self. I want to physically talk about it. Inner, your beyond third dimensional (that humans don't live but mermaids are easily aware about).

Either noone knows what it really truly is, or when they can see it they keep it a complete secret in a closed circle, using it for distance communications, ones without it would call 'superhuman'.
I am searching out someone knowledgeable about it, because of, my powers I don't know about.

Everyone else is oblivious to knowledge that I have a knowing of because of an eventual advancement where I learnt through lessons of this place till I grew out of it. Those that are here are in a mindset that is described as a survival way, to survive. But I am looking for existence, to exist, as a very low point - and this, evident by insecurity and unsurity and follow along the way here without empowerment and real individualism, is evident to be something high and out of reach to ordinary passerbys.

My higher fields, larger than my physical body, have expanded larger than this Earth. I am looking for something elemental that is about outer space. An element, is space. That's part of me. But my fate is stuck. I run on light (high light quotient) from my back inner that expanded but it collapsed. And I am confined to the physical dense place/area/inside of realm. I can explain more if needed.

I can't train like other people. That's the problem. I'm different. My mind is strange. What is there doesn't exist in other humans. I struggle to manage my own things. Like a superhuman with powers that stand out. I have something else.

(Because other people aren't like me, I'm scared. I feel out of place. Others don't think like me.)

Please respond if you understand what I mean, it's my request.

I really wrote enough here, NOONE EARTHLY UNDERSTANDS MY MESSAGE! So I really hope you can find some offgrid/miraculous or special high spiritual leader to read this. Or if you can sort this yourself, let's do that together.

If you got everything above:
What _do_ YOU! /doooo/ in a place where 'Nothing-matters'?
<--- r/o go within explore back complete Layers like videogame levels. 'the information comes to you, "uuuusee yourr miiiiiiiiiiind"'
you will go in reverse effect
-----> comes out
make your own world 'can you even lift?'
But not Thirsy, water, universe, full.
it's really ridiculous (to keep me 'money bound', rather, in this circulation now 'quarantine')
I don't have the ability to
and, it's wrong / environmental or 'moral' wrongs to harm to make money 'to afford house'
The thinking is too narrow and the life is too squiggy or crushingly if I attempt to fit in a box I'm out of. I used to enjoy myself but now I just worry the consequences of missing any useful advice.
My own thinking is out of this one, the fake and the insignificant relation to myself, I'm not standing in the same bubble. 'criminal dantian'ers keyword'. Freeoutsidethinker 'ui-arae'withforcedslavery. What's the great escape? is it let go and fly off someplace higher?
Please BringMeTheHorizon?

Try these telepathic bulletpoints:
- Dolphins. Highly intelligent. "Omega 3".
- Animal connection is telepathic. Christ consciousness.
- The 4th dimension (outer space)
- Mermaids. Truth in the ocean.
- Nommos, Sirius Star.
- The beyond. Not here, out there.
- The ferry or plane out.
- Extraterrestrial.
- Can you help me?

'I want an outreach group to find me! I'm not normal! I'm nothing like the humans and I'm scared. Please physically come pick me up. I need you. I'm stuck.'
This way of life is too forceful. I AM SIGNIFICANT! This is not a tantrum, like telling me 'no big deal'.
"Xanadu". I deeply analysed the world in my time... 'What else can I do to get anything from it..?'
It's too silly, embarrasing, low, persecutive, and violent. That is wrong, plain out! I really don't align with these dark ways. I deserve better place of residence, rightfully. THIS WORLD IS FULL OF ABUSIVE 'CONSUMERS' - (HAVE YOU UNDERSTOOD THIS BEFORE?) I have forced participation!


That's too wrong. I'd fall off the end. I am not them..I am not their kind. I'd rather die. I'm a vegan to try to avoid animal slaughter and eat what aligns with my frequency of body. If someone could genuinely help me I'd beg for help. I'd kill myself painfully 10 times to get their attention! I'm mind controlled I can't get out. I'd rather not exist. This is a REAL help request send-out! HEAR THIS! < 
You have probably never felt this, because I'm very strong and have been through an awful in a very short space of '3D time movement' about 2-3 years of adulthood.
I'm wise. Don't throw out advice from a lower shelf. I am not this. My life is unfair. Are you real enough to understand this request to find me??

Please message me if you can possibly forward me to the right fraction or person. Thank you. Have a sunny day~



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