Saturday, 23 June 2018

Searching for freedom, the big ones

Open letter attempting to find help,

Don't you know what the quarantine is? The matrix. What is that? The grid. The circulation. Do you understand this?

My spiritual path is mixed in with the conspiracy realm, that's why I know a lot and the 'break out' mentioned was focusing on the spiritual AND theorist term of "waking up".

There is a new Black Eyed Peas song called 'ring the alarm' that mentions "open the third eye". Katy Perry has a song called "Chained to the Rhythm" suggesting people are like zombies and not in an aware state, called, 'awake'. I call for the revolution!

I would like to talk about 'the quarantine', 'the containment', the isolation and entrapment or encirclement the humans are in from free movement of travel and the truth confinement. Of being in a "limited zone" that serves 'the Cabal's game'. Do you understand, are you advanced enough? Because I'm searching for some specific help. I "do not wish to participate."

Please message me if you can possibly forward me to the right fraction or person -

I am looking to find a way to be in contact with The Agarthans. It is with reason. Please, if you know any way, or anyone who has access to the official Agartha Network, please let me know them, and message me. I am a benevolent, asking purely something for personal reason. Maybe I need someone from the Galactic Federation.

I am requesting this because... Do you know of a breaking point, where you're so awakened and aware that everything is too unbearable for a 'spiritual height' that makes the environment too inapprropriate and unsuitable to live in? I litterally feel the feeling of being in a cage or rope tied up all the time. Due to my ability, I am at this point, where if I have to participate and do what everyone else is doing, it's of 'embarrasment'. I'm not a child of Earth school, wandering around lost, if this is just about being aware 'something is wrong' like the higher spiritual watch anticipate.

I'm an older soul, and I can't stand living here any longer, and I need to find contact with some comforting people that are stronger than the falsery, or good news, because my brain is squished, and hurts in this matrix, I don't feel like I have anything, I'm poor but I'm too scared to work, it's wrong, the spiritual heirarchy of higher beings being able to have more is not evident to me, rather it is like being a Forced Robot in a camp, (I can't go where I want, I can't say anything I like, it's irrelevant to ME, I feel lost here) and, I know I am not at "home".

My existence, as other humans in consumerism leads to and engages in environmental descruction, to a specific finite point, and whollisticly, this deeply saddens me. So I'm very serious, and I hope you can find someone who can help me! I have no support, and no friends. I am 20 years of age.

I break through knowledge in my mind. I am in pain because I know soo much that this place is 100% artificial and fake, designed on money focus, and does not support my spiritual bodies, to an extreme point where it cannot serve me any longer in most possible ways.

It is not fair. I have an ability that makes people appreciate flowers more and attune to the peaceful natural state of Earth. It means I feel used, when with interaction with the flocks of sheeple humans.

To the point, I understand, we are in *a limited area* of CONTAINMENT where the inner CIRCULATION, primarily money, to keep the mind trapped in greed or satisfaction, prevents the escapism realisation of reality that tells the opened awake 'people' that the malevolent forces keep them in a type of slavery where quote, "they do not care at all about you" but instead want to keep control and dumming down through 'time waste-use' of school, work, up to death.

Put explicitly, it requires individuals to think outside of the box, thinking and working out what is beyond this box deemed as the limited construct designed for you to indeed not know what is beyond it, for a way of how to know, due to the dumming down and realistic disconnect from non-physical communication. "Imagination locked in a cell".

For example, ET contact with 'the overview effect' openly taken about other planets and civilizations, understanding of their families and recoginition of their other social structure.

Or another Earth that is futuristicly recovered from environmental damage where people inimately have connection to wildlife, nature, and the Earthly vessel, having ability to be in natural communication, with the ability to multidimensionally see within the Earth, below the surface, due to innate connections, I'm deeming this as another way of living for the example. Explicitly questioning how we are supposed to live.

This is to explain that to be trapped here is very confusing for me and I'm forced to live with and 'communicate amongst' a less advanced civilization and format of Earth/homeland. I feel think and talk nothing like other humans yet I live among only millions other of them. Sharing knowledge and speaking ordinarily, I worry frequently of breaking the prime directive with this type of 'knowledge'. My potential abilities are beyond their mindset. I see music as depressing because the frequencies are designed to agitate plants and harm Earth (441Hz to 432Hz conspiracy theory), there are few good tracks. That's not sarcasm for oldies! Hahaha.

I want to 'break out of the circle' or 'cut the line' from this, without causing death to myself, because I'm sad and tired of it and too aware it's all happening, I feel like colours faded of a colourful person, from being trapped in it. ETs know all this wording according to my intuition! It's up to me, to find help. And I want my freedom! It exists, with the right people. "I do not wish to PARTICIPATE any longer in the luciferian experiment of being cut off from types of outer worlds". My contribution feels already fufilled.

There is possibly a place known with a nickname as "sanity"? If so, I wish to go to this area/city, please! I don't wish to waste anyone's time - I'm serious. I am expressing I wish to go into an entrance and I am looking for an escort.

What is Agartha? It refers to the whole inner area. It has a large city called "Shamballa". To a person that stares at the outer world map, the Agharthan place is just as big, the whole thing, if not much bigger, I should really say, since there are the multidimensional cities and undergrounds established 'cities', of multilevels, too.

From asking this type of help, you may have questions, please, let's clarify it, I wish to express even in minute detail if ever required, what may appear as a block to my request. I can't give up on this. I need you to really do a favour so I find what I need. (I also wished to show my knowledge in this letter/message, that I had 'figured out' issues I wish to be protected from).

> I do know that everyone else who is 'invited' gets telepathic received communication, but there's something really wrong about it. I can't do it, even though I'd have multiple ways of being able to receive "that type of information".

Actually, I found out that telepathicly, the code wording is 'cheesy chips' or 'chocolate house' to initiate free housing due to what could be termed as "spiritual enlightenment", but I really cannot recieve telepathy correctly, I'm still thinking but I'm stuck. But I do not need to be 'more grounded' because I am AWARE AND AWAKE to what is happening and I feel bigger than it. To continue is like being a slave robot to something I'm intelligent enough to beat/transcend.

The situation is that: If there is someone too advanced for the surface level, also telepathicly put as "illegal movement" that they request assistance from the higher beings/residence on the planet. This is what I'm doing. That's why I'm really serious and need you to "hold the line" until there's some action about this, even if you have no personal understanding of my request. I need the authorities to take this into hand, please. I need the authorities to take this into hand, please. Can you assist me? I am an ET hybridised person. I wish to be physically connected, to meet at one place. Please think about this, or get me to the right people?

From Charlotte Emily Melton.

(On the mobile view please press on the images to largen them So they become clear enough to read)

I am looking for the core of light. It is similar to 'home' but has a meaning of 'basics'. I do not have unconditional loving parents or any support. I fend for myself without work. I have an inner knowing that this could potentially be on Arcturus star. I do not have a ship that can take me. I want physical assistance.
Please physically come to me in the third dimension where I exist in reality. You must fight the suppressors that control me.

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